Witching Hour Guild Impressions

Hmm, I need to think about how to start this out. So, how I joined this guild was the same way I joined the Thundercry guild in elsword, that is, being away from the keyboard. I was away at the time, looking up how to get better gear in Phantasy Star Online 2, and listening to music.

Then the moment I tabbed back into the game, I saw that I got a pso2 invite to a guild called “Witching Hour.” I had thought about declining the invite since I and this unknown guild would lose nothing. But I remember that I don’t have a guild, and if the users turn out to be shitty or pso2 elitists. I can leave the guild guilt-free.

The guild when I joined was interesting and still is interesting. You know what they say? First impressions are everything since they can help create a bond with someone or not. Most of the impressions I got from most of the users in “Witching Hour” have been positive. Now every guild will have those users that are full of themselves, elitists, or both.

As of now, a lot of the users I do like. Few users turned out to be a bad experience for me. It’s like from afar, they don’t seem bad until you join them in a party, and that’s is when your fun times fall apart. But this has been a learning experience, I know who to avoid.

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During this time, I met a lot of cool people and people I like to be friends with, just going off the vibes they give me, which are good. You might be wondering who I am talking about.

the cool users I met: Teyah, Ardor, DaeStar, polaris_Luna, Faeyyy, Vair, Chingon, Virto, SuperSerpent, Elphaba, and there are more users out there in the guild. But whenever I get the chance to join them in pso2 parties, it is a fun time to be had. They are not in your face if you mess up during a party. They offer you a hand, and give off a feeling that is something along the lines like: “As long as you have fun, it will be ok”. And I like that feeling from this guild.

The only negative experiences I had with the guild were with some of the users or some minor things. Keep in mind that this is from a personal experience with few users I had when I join them in pso2 divide parties.

This is KitsuneGirl, someone I have seen but never joined in a party. They are or were the Witching Hour tryhard player. First real impressions of them were poor. And impressions with Arisuuu are weird. She was nice* when KitsuneGirl was not with the party, but when KitsuneGirl is with the party, she acts like them.

But it seems those two left the guild. And then there was last night, talk of someone in the guild harassing another guild member and threatening to doxx someone over a game a few weeks ago got brought up out of nowhere. I was not around when those things “happened”, so I don’t know how true these are.

There are also some minor things, like when a user says something is happening as an event but doesn’t say where said event is held until the room is full. But I am learning to ask in this guild. I learned a while ago, if you don’t ask and be clear, you won’t get a clear answer.

And there was the introduction in the discord server I made, it was ignored. Super minor nitpicks, lol. But it is fine. I hope the server likes game devs in training. It should be fine, I hope. :3

But I will say the good outweighs the bad here. I met a lot of cool users in B34. I meet the asshole once in a while but seeing all the upbeat users and new faces. It is a good time, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. It’s a very chill guild with a good normal of friendly faces. And the guild discord server is pretty nice.

the guild users have taken a fancy to call me: “Pyro.”, or “Chaos.” And those names are cool. But I much prefer to be called Ony. I should have gone with “OnyChaos” instead of “PyroChaos”. Either name is fine, but you know. It would be nice. ` ^ `

I hope the guild members like this post on their guild. It’s first impressions but they are good impressions, and I would say if you have no guild to join in ship 1 on pso2. The “Witching Hour” is a pretty good guild. They are helpful to new players and returning players. Friendly and just great people to be around, ignoring the bad apples. You can find them on block 34 of ship one.

I wanted to make this post for a while now, and I am glad I got around to it. That’s all I wanted to say on the “Witching Hour” guild. Take care, and stay awesome.

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