Updated thoughts on blu

Ah, Blu. It has been a while since I made a post about this server and the guild. I think about a few months ago, I want to say. But however long it was doesn’t matter since I have new thoughts on blu. And my view on blu and the members has changed since I more or less watch and judge silently.

Blu has been a fun ride. I joined Blu server and when I first came in, I was under the impression that even though they are elsword players they seem to play other games and I had a blast playing scribble.io with the users on the server. Then the next day it stopped. Then it was anime night which I think was 3 people. Me, Sura, and one of his friends.

I noticed from that day onward, the staff and elsword players gave off the impression that they are here for elsword content. A shame too, I would love to have anime nights and game nights with blu members and staff but that ain’t going to happen. I know this is crazy but hear me out. I like doing stuff with a good community. It is more fun that way. It is why I left Thundercry, it was something that was no longer for me. And blu is kinda in a weird spot for me.

Hmm Let Me Think About It GIF - Hmm LetMeThinkAboutIt Anime GIFs

I have been trying to figure out what this feeling is that is bothering me about [blu]. I guess this is a feeling of being “alone” in a server. Since I play pso2 and maybe genshin, no one plays the same game as me. I mean, go figure. A server with elsword players.

And I guess I just need to find a server for me. And making my own server would factor into me feeling this way about some servers. Maybe I just need more time to see if this is a fleeting feeling or a permanent feeling.

It’s a lot of servers that I join are like this. Everyone is chatting and in voice calls and the next moment, it is over. It just stops and the server activity dies down fairly quickly, and it is something I noticed often. Maybe that’s why I feel the way I do. Activity is there but things like movie nights or game nights in blu is not a thing. There is anime night but only me and sura show up, everyone else seems to avoid it. That’s the impression I get anyway.

PSO2 Anime GIF - PSO2 Anime Lewd GIFs

If I do leave [blu], it’s probably because I got removed from the elsword or I just feel it is time I move on but I’m not all too sure yet, as my view about [blu] is mixed and confused. If I end up leaving for whatever reason, I would probably invite sura to my server.

This post has weird confused energy. I can’t put it into words but it’s all over the place. It is more or less my thoughts about something in raw form. This is all I wanted to say.

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