We are moving again

Alright. Starting the post-opening different here. The reason here is I'm moving out soon, and the lack of activity on a lot of things will come to a complete stop. We start the process of packing up our stuff and cleaning the townhouse. And after that, we leave on the 29th of April or around … Continue reading We are moving again

Witching Hour Guild Impressions

Hmm, I need to think about how to start this out. So, how I joined this guild was the same way I joined the Thundercry guild in elsword, that is, being away from the keyboard. I was away at the time, looking up how to get better gear in Phantasy Star Online 2, and listening … Continue reading Witching Hour Guild Impressions

Updated thoughts on blu

Ah, Blu. It has been a while since I made a post about this server and the guild. I think about a few months ago, I want to say. But however long it was doesn’t matter since I have new thoughts on blu. And my view on blu and the members has changed since I … Continue reading Updated thoughts on blu

Eroico review (NSFW)

Eroico is a sidescroller H-game where you play as a hero on a quest to stop the demon lord while navigating through different stages, fighting off monster girls, and dodging hazards. The game offers different difficulty levels and adult content can be turned on or off for the save file. The game is short, but with different difficulty levels and added content, it offers a unique experience.

How I used to make blog posts

So, this post will be different for me since I am doing something very different from what I used to do when I make a post, and I feel this will help me get back into the flow of things and the flow of blogging again. So how I normally create blog posts is as … Continue reading How I used to make blog posts

Ah, ThunderCry – an end to a saga

Ah, ThunderCry. What a discord server I have been a part of for 11 months. It is funny. I joined this server back when I was down on my luck and so depressed. I didn't know where I wanted to do in life and still don't. But I will say I am in a better … Continue reading Ah, ThunderCry – an end to a saga