Phantasy Star Online log #2

It has been a while since I made a post on Phantasy Star Online 2, and since then, I have made a lot of progress. I have been doing a ton of Phantasy Star Online 2 raids, and the game is a blast.

I managed to get a lot of raid weapons from raiding in PSO2. And because of that, I got a raid weapon to level 31, I’m working on getting another weapon to bump it up to level 32, and I got a critical ring to level 17, and it has been very nice to do.

These are some of the raid weapons I got from farming, and during this time, I spent time farming exp to get both of my classes to level 75, and after doing that. I unlocked the last four character classes at the moment. I started using “Hero.” And the hero class is fun. It uses swords, guns, and magic. You can use one weapon. But to get the most out of hero class, you will need to master three of the weapons and skills.

The hero class can be as simple as you want or as advanced as you want. It’s up to how you want to play it. And the hero is interesting. I might make a twitter video and show off the hero class in action. The hero is fun, but I don’t have any of the stats to use the good weapons at the moment, and I am a level 10 hero, but I’m working on that.

The last four classes are interesting. Like other classes, you can use a sub-class for extra damage or stats, these four classes don’t get a sub-class, and you must reply on getting strong without a sub-class. It is new but fun.

I got a lot of 12 stars and higher gear sitting in my bank. Most of my weapons, and armor I have, I can’t use or don’t use. But that might change when playing as a hero since I can use all 3 of them. I am a level 53 in hero class. The class is fun to play as in PSO2, and you got a lot of options.

I wanted to share some progress with you. :3