Phantasy Star Online log #2

It has been a while since I made a post on Phantasy Star Online 2, and since then, I have made a lot of progress. I have been doing a ton of Phantasy Star Online 2 raids, and the game is a blast.

I managed to get a lot of raid weapons from raiding in PSO2. And because of that, I got a raid weapon to level 31, I’m working on getting another weapon to bump it up to level 32, and I got a critical ring to level 17, and it has been very nice to do.

These are some of the raid weapons I got from farming, and during this time, I spent time farming exp to get both of my classes to level 75, and after doing that. I unlocked the last four character classes at the moment. I started using “Hero.” And the hero class is fun. It uses swords, guns, and magic. You can use one weapon. But to get the most out of hero class, you will need to master three of the weapons and skills.

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Sonic World DX Sage demo impressions

When did I make this post on the Sonic world DX Anniversary Demo? I made that post in 2019. It is crazy how time flies. But the blog post was my first impression of Sonic World DX in 2019. Safe to say, my first impressions were anything but great. After I made that post, I stopped playing it.

I saw that the Sonic World DX team released a Sonic Amateur Games Expo demo or sage demo, but after the sonic world dx anniversary, I got to the point where I ignored the game. And there is their Sonic World DX Q and A video, and that is something else.

With a bad experience with Sonic World DX, I want to see if the Sonic World DX sage demo fixed some problems I held. And what other changes got made. And since they made a post saying they are cutting some characters. May as well try it out, and I might be impressed.

Enough stalling. I’m going into this sage demo with a bit of bias and a bad experience. If I start sounding mean towards the game, you know why. And I think it is time I made a real impression post here.

Sonic World DX is a 3D platformer where you have a stage selection like Sonic Adventure 2 Battle. There is no story, no main battle guy. Just run and play, which is good.

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Small list of things I done in February

So it is crazy. It is march, and by now. I would have a list of things I did in February, but some things have happened. And I had plans to make a lot of posts, but I can make up for it later. I will blog about something I like. And I may make a blog post about cooking.

So in its place. I can mention some things I have been doing to fill in its spot will be a list, plus I can show off some of my game development skills and share my thoughts on some things because why not.

I am thinking of talking about anime.

I have seen other cool bloggers talk about and review anime. People like Crow, Irina, and pinkie. And while I will never be on the same level as them. In terms of reviewing anime and whatnot. I always wanted to try my hand at talking about anime, but It is a worry at the back of my mind.

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