Phantasy Star Online 2 – log #1

Oh, man. I want to talk about Phantasy Star Online 2 (PSO2) and the fun I have been having with it and doing solo missions because they are a blast. I started playing Phantasy Star Online 2 after Elsword made me mad. And it gave me a reason to pick up this game.


I started playing five days ago, and I’m already level 64 I have made a ton of progress. The game is a blast to play. I have been farming and playing with people and randos. The game is well made and has mechanics that, in my opinion, should be the standard for MMORPGs.

Weapon enhancing is not rng. One video game that is bad with this issue is elsword. And given that you need to have the materials (From Item mall or ed board or events) or your weapon breaks or goes back to zero. With PSO2, all you need to do is farm the weapon materials. You can “buy” from event shops or get in dungeons. Your gear won’t break but may even lose a level or two. But the fear of breaking gear is gone.

Poireau Volant Umaru GIF - PoireauVolant Umaru Umaruchan GIFs

And doing a raid in PSO2 is so much better than Elsword. There no need to wait for some elsword elitist to carry you. Raids, I have done so far. You hop in and fight the boss together. It is a blast with random players and friends.

Speaking of friends, me and friends on ship 1, and people I knew for 10 + years. There is no rush. It is fun, and for me. If I don’t have a sense of urgency when playing with friends, I am more likely to play with them since I am having fun.

And I did make a character ship three but playing with my other set of friends. I realize I didn’t enjoy playing with them. My alt character is still on ship 3, but I keep getting asked to switch ships. And to go from Ship 1 to Ship 3.

First off, I don’t have any money to switch ships. And second. These are my gaming friends I known way back. I don’t plan on changing ship to go from ship 1 to ship 3.

Me and my gaming friends, I have done raid quests with them. We gamble in the PSO2 casino and lose a lot or win a lot. And we run dungeons together, and we are chill about playing together, and it’s why I play with them. We know what we like, and we take our time. We are not rushing or junk. We are having a blast, creating memories.

But anyway, away from the sour moments. I have been doing raids with friends or random players, and it has been a blast to do the Phantasy Star Online 2 raid to get the powerful weapons. Just doing the Phantasy Star Online 2 raid, in general, is fun. You hop in, you ready up, and you and raid. And I love it so much. And so, I can do the level 70 raid and higher. Of course, once I get better gear.

I have some pictures of me doing a raid with random players or friends. And I will share below some of my Phantasy Star Online 2 raids I have done. And drop down some Livestream links I did on Twitch. Tv

PSO@ random players, me, and Mastakirby(Friend)
Solo PSO2 Raid

Here are the links to my past livestreams I did. I will update the links later on.

My Latest Phantasy Star Online 2 stream:

My Second Phantasy Star Online 2 stream:

My Third Phantasy Star Online 2 stream:

My Forth Phantasy Star Online 2 stream:

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