Talking about Killer Gin

So, since I can’t play/buy the indie JRPG called “Killer Gin.” I want to talk about it. It looks like an entertaining game. Although I can’t play it, I want to share my thoughts and first impressions.

So I have seen this game dev followed me on Twitter, and I have seen bits and pieces of their game way back then. I saw they were making a jrpg, and it seems appealing, but that was all I knew at the time.

I am going off on impressions here. Reading the steam page, mainly the steam tags for the game, it has dating and farming mechanics, which are optional which you can choose to do at your own pace.

I was watching the trailer for Killer Gin, without sound, cause steam mutes videos on load up. The trailer has a type of flair I like. It’s cheesy. It’s made to be a serious one but fails, at least in my opinion, but I can’t talk. I would and will create something just as cheesy. But that doesn’t mean I hate it by any means. I like it, to be honest.

There is one steam review that has 1.2 hours on Killer Gin. I feel if you plan on making a review on steam, you should, at the very least, have played the game for around 5 hours or more to give a fair review / or opinion.

Would I say killer Gin is a game that I would enjoy? Maybe. It reminds me of the old days when I used to make online RPGs in a free online RPG maker. Ah, how time flies these days. Those were simpler times back then.

And Killer Gin gives me those good vibes, the sprite work is not too bad, the art looks good, and it plays like your standard old school jrpg on the SNES or NES. If I get money to buy this game, I would probably do so in a heartbeat to play the game to see what it is like to play it.

If there is one thing that bothers me, it is this review by Batman the Dark Knight. He has listed a good number of bugs and issues. I can’t say this is true or not because 1.) They have 1.2 hours of playtime, and unless playing killer Gin is watching an hour-long cutscene, I am taking this “review”* with a gain of salt.

Not to mention, some of the problems brought up seem petty. Ragging on the voice acting and implying a Skyrim mod and fallout four mod has better voice acting. It is silly to bring it up as a point.

The next issue is there are too many features, and the screen staying cluttered? It is rather vague. You could name a few of the features. But from the screenshots, the screen isn’t cluttered. That is weird.

They talk about the narrator, and the only issue that I see worth addressing is something about a sheath section, but I can’t tell if the segment is not fun or they did something wrong since nine other people had no problems with the game.

I wonder how they got the game for free? I will have to get the game one day to see if these “issues.” are fixed. I’m sure they are corrected or at least better. I would hope so, given this is a $14.99 game we are talking about here. But at least there is free DLC?

I just wanted to share my thoughts on Killer Gin. It’s funny. The account stills followers me on my Twitter account.

Check out Killer Gin here:

Killer Gin

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