the Pokimane drama

So, I have been noticing this document about Pokimane floating around and damn. I have to say it is awful, like really bad. But I should set the scene before going forward. Pokimane was a girl I had heard of before all of this drama. She is a female twitch streamer, and she is a big streamer. She also has a youtube account.

That was the extent of what I knew of her. I didn’t care to know any more or watch her content. Then a few months went by, and then some drama happens in the offline TV Livestream group where FedMyster did some things to the women of the group because there was a big fuss of things happening.

And this is where I figured: “FedMyster must be a bad lad” Since we didn’t get both sides, but at the same time, I didn’t care and moved on with my life since I assumed that was everything thing… That is until FedMyster had his 25-page document on Pokimane “leaked.” And this document looks bad for Pokimane. It is full of proof and everything that has happened over the years. And if this is true, and it did happen, then, yikes, Pokimane.

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What’s worse is that Pokimane did a Livestream to try to debunk this, but from what I heard, this stream of her just made her look worse and more of an ass. It’s funny; she seems sweet, kind, and a great person, but looks can be deceiving. Just because someone is acting pure doesn’t mean they are to be kind to you.

Will this document ruin Pokimane? No, if anything, it will bring her more of a spotlight. Her fans and simps will support her through hell and high water. If anything, her image is “ruin”, and people will still be her friend but will use caution around her, so they don’t share the same fate as fed.

My view of pokimane before this drama has been neutral at best. But after hearing what happened and being in awe, it’s anything but positive. I have to wonder, how can some people sleep treating people like that but like I said, if this document is correct, it won’t “ruin” her but may leave a tiny dent. Her image has taken a hit.

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I wanted to share mine thoughts on the whole thing. Be honest with people, and don’t lead them on. But this is the internet. No one cares about that.

Here are some videos reading the document that got leaked.

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