I been playing AI dungeon

I have started playing this new game called “AI Dungeon” And let me tell you. I have lost hours upon hours in this game. I found out about Ai Dungeon when I watched Joel vargskelethor from vinesauce play it. He made highlights but only has three parts, but they are worth the watch.

What if ''Gravity Falls'' was an anime (Youtube) by Mike Inel
What if ”Gravity Falls” was an anime (Youtube) by Mike Inel

I thought an advanced game with AI would cost a lot of money, but it turns out it is free to play. I have spent at least 15 hours playing and making up adventures. The AI learns from the player, whatever you feed the AI. It will build or respond to the player doing something.

But for those who don’t know. AI Dungeon is a game where you can write stories or play them out. The AI is not perfect, and there is a randomness to it. But I think it works well.

The game is not rated and can be anything you make it. It can be rated E for everyone or AO for Adults Only. If you are someone who is not dirty-minded, this will be a clean game. But if you are dirty-minded, this will be a very adult game.

This game has a D&D feel to it. If you are not into D&D or roleplaying, this won’t be something you will enjoy, even with friends. If you and your friends are not into roleplaying, this is not for you.

Being someone who has played COC or Corruption of Champions by Fenoxo. Granted, COC is an adult game from the get-go, but it can also be a safe game, I think, whereas AI Dungeon is unrated until you make it SFW or NSFW.

And AI dungeon has RPG elements. However, this is behind a monthly membership along with extra features and better ai. But you don’t need them unless you want to add more to the experience, but even then, it’s not needed at all to enjoy the game.

AI dungeon is a game that can be enjoyed with friends but assuming your friends are into text-based games… It’s going to be a hard shell because you can make your adventure however you like.

And I had to talk about it. It is a fun game. I had a lot of adventures that were inspired by COC adventures or simple adventures. Some of them were way too spicy to show off, haha.

Fullmetal Alchemist Ed GIF by Funimation

Again, this is suited for those who enjoy Roleplay or if you are a roleplayer or you enjoy text-based RPGs. Here is a game where you have to enjoy the genre of games to like it. Going in blind, you may or may not like it.

Well, I am finished now with being a nerd. I wanted to talk about this game that stole hours from me. Ok, I’ll see you later.

Excited Fullmetal Alchemist GIF

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