Why I still use WordPress instead of Tumblr

So, not long ago I made a post about WordPress about should I upgrade? More about that post here. After that post I been thinking, “Do I want to keep using WordPress.com?”

I like WordPress.com. I made a small, and I mean small following on here of 84 users. Granted, some or most of them are bots, one off accounts. I do enjoy using WordPress.com, don’t get me wrong but.. I should list the things I like and don’t like about WordPress.com

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I will start with the pros. Better to start off strong rather then weak.

  1. Post dashboard
    Making a post or posts is very streamlined. All the work and hassle of trying to create a fancy post with styles, and whatever is in the palm of your hands, and that is a good thing. It’s very user friendly, easy to jump in, and easy to blog off the bat.
  2. It’s easy to make your blog feel like you(even when limited)
    Blogging is awesome but making your blog page stand out is more awesome. Granted, as a free user, you’re gonna be limited to free editing. Edit the title of your blog, your blog icon, widgets, and other stuff. If you get past that, You will have a fun time.*
  3. Stats Dashboard
    WordPress is the only blog to have detailed stats like this on where views come from, where users click on links on blog, show keywords. I like this about WordPress since Tumblr is super basic in the stat area.
  4. SEO handled by WordPress.
    SEO being handled by WordPress is something I love. It makes things easy for people who want to blog. My on WordPress.com is already on google and search engines while my Tumblr blog is lagging behind

Now what I dislike why I been thinking about Tumblr as my option


  1. Posts are hidden (2012 up until very late 2017 – 2018 or beyond )
    I always disliked this cause it made no sense to hide old posts. The only way to fix this is to change the date on very old posts for them to show up in tagged / search. But you wanna keep this as a archive but it’s silly but.. It’s not as bad as Tumblr’s issue, which I made a post on that you can read here (Tumblr may have fixed that issue)
  2. WordPress Communities are not there? (Wait a min, buddy!)
    Before someone writes that comment about how there are WordPress Communities, and I’m not looking. What I mean is, the communities I look for are not there or here. And if they are here, they are inactive or no one searches for them or blogs about it

    A lot of stuff I post is not searched for. What does poorly on WordPress.com does well on Tumblr since, well, people are actively looking for this stuff on Tumblr rather WordPress.com.
  3. Hard to tell what is allowed on WordPress.com
    Before you say something. What I mean is, On WordPress.com reader / search / tag. There is some spicy content that is not self hosted. And for the longest time. I been lost on what is allowed and what isn’t allowed.

    They say adult content is hidden and can’t be searched for, yet I can find it in search or tagged. So it is hard to see the “line” in the sand if you can’t see it. I have common sense, but if I want to make spicy content, I have to assume it is ok with bots and accounts posting and linking porn.

    WordPress is never clear on this. Or they are, and just don’t care what ends up getting posted?
  4. Theme editing is locked behind a paywall
    I know this has been a thing when WordPress.com became a thing. But it is still silly when you think about when Tumblr gives users free reign of their blog theme on how to change it but this is a minor thing.

The things I like about Tumblr is that, the community I look for is not really here on WordPress.com but rather on Tumblr. WordPress has communities but none of them are ones I am interested in, and the one I want to interested in are inactive or on Tumblr.

This may seem rude to say there are no communities but for me, there may as well be none for me. So, I’m just thinking on what I should do? If I should stay or go back to Tumblr? There is a lot of things I like about WordPress. Maybe I should change my old posts dates, so they can show up in reader.

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A lot of options. I figured I blog about my thoughts.

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