Questions about WordPress plans

So, I have been thinking about this for a while now. plans. I like blogging on here but something I remember is holding me back. And it the WordPress having say on what happens.

I made a post on Lifesfinewhine update and I feel it might be risky to have the same thing happen to me. I guess the same thing happened to me but in post form. Some of my old posts that are not 2018 or higher are hidden in WordPress reader.

I have to go out my way to change the day to get them unhidden or some posts don’t show up at all. But this can be for a different post. I have some questions about upgrading.

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Because I thought about upgrading but seeing how rude and unhelpful WordPress Staff / support was to LifesFineWhine.. I don’t know if I should put in money and upgrade with my gift card but I will ask my questions.

  1. Can I still use my theme, if my plan ends?
    If I get a pro theme, can I still use it? Or would it be that I could use it but can no longer save since my plan ended?
  2. Can I keep my plugins?
    I seen from a very old WordPress post, that you can keep your plugins but they will be cutoff from new updates. I don’t know if this has changed since then. Would be dumb to let a ex-pro user have a plugin that is out of date. I don’t know if it is safe to have a out of date plugin on your blog.

I ask my questions. I still don’t know if I should upgrade.. It’s 8 bucks but seeing how WordPress Staff / Support was.. not helpful. I know someone is going to say “You should upgrade if you are serious about blogging”. I seen and heard this in videos and blog posts.

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With WordPress, the features of editing a blog to your liking is locked behind a paywall, unless you self host but that takes more time. For me anyway. And from what I seen, Tumblr has been getting better..? But WordPress owns Tumblr, so that’s why?

Also.. Some of the plan perks is dumb, to me.


You already have access to free themes. I can only assume that “Basic design customization” is what free plan users have, if so, why is this here?

So maybe someone can give me a good answer and answer my questions. I hope. That’s all.

4 thoughts on “Questions about WordPress plans

  1. I assume when it comes to pro themes, you’ll still be able to use them, but without the plan’s package, you’ll have to pay a one-off fee for it. So that means your site will probably default back to a free theme once you stop renewing.

    You’ll also lose plug-in support once you revert to a plan that doesn’t include it. I don’t think you get plug-ins with the $8 plan though.

    I myself use the Personal plan just for a domain and no ads, and have zero complaints for the four or so years I’ve been on it.

    Wishing you the best!

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    1. I kinda figured that was the case but didn’t know that. The one off fee. And dang, that sucks but I guess it is still the same and I thought you could. Well, that sucks, lol But I’m glad it has been well for you and thank you for answering. ^^ Wish you the best as well.


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