Mini Tweeters Update

So, this is gonna be a short post but long story short. I’m going to be much less active on my main account “OnyChaos” till things get back to normal on there, I will be on my alt / backup, I won’t ask anyone to follow the alt. You follow, ok. You don’t, okay. It’s all good. I will still hop on to say goodnight or retweet or reply to people

Sonic The Hedgehog GIF

Everything feels empty there. So for the moment, I’m using my alt that has no one there inactive, I have been more active on ChaosImpact_, posting pictures of Sims 4 and others games. If things don’t return to normal and my alt becomes bigger then my main, ChaosImpact_ will be my new main.

I just needed to take a break from that account, and somewhat empty timeline it has. Everyone is busy, and it’s rather depressing looking at the empty timeline.

If some reason, you want to follow my alt / backup, you can find the alt in Onychaos‘s twitter bio or click here -> chaosImpact_ <- Assuming anyone is around to read my posts on twitter or twitter bios, lol.

Cute Anime GIF

Well, that’s all for today, goodbye! Going to play Sims 4, Genshin Impact, and post to twitter. But this can change, lol

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