September Blog Update

Hmm, A lot has happened in a few weeks. pc died, a old best friend found me, almost started a fire when cooking and going through the 5 stages of emotions. Hmm… and want to talk about somethings i been thinking about. Assuming people read.

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Update on my Uncle

My uncle is well. The person that shot my uncle is locked up, my uncle is gonna be up here in Texas in a few days and this is our new “life” The friends of the attacker know that he is still alive, so think of it as a new life.

I wanted to talk about it. It is a crazy world.

Desktop computer is dead

My desktop finally bit the bullet. It has met it’s end. it held up very well and from me making dumb apps that may have been the cause of my pc meeting it’s end.

had a lot of stuff on there. roblox (That was never getting used again)
gamedev stuff (clickteam files)
game saves
livestream stuff
And a lot of abandoned things and apps that will not be used anytime soon.

It sucks but now, I have a laptop and it is pretty good. runs well and does everything I need and more, and I can take it on the go.

Moving soon

Well, we have our moving date, and it is on the 29th or around there. We will be moving out of the town house and into a real house with my uncle and grandmother.

Everything else is still left in the dark. Job wise and what’s next.

Meeting Su-Su / wind7sisters again

finding out Su-Su (@wind7sisters) was able to find me was neat. Even though when she found me, my PC died and had no way to contact her till I used a temporary laptop to answer her.

Su-Su is a very nice lass. been having talking to her in chat or voice calls. It’s very nice to have someone to call to catch up with and just have a fun time.

I been playing Mario Kart 8 w/ her and her Boyfriend, and it’s fun and ACNH with friends is great.

hugging GIF
Hugging Gif

Going back to click team stuff

I guess it is back to being a solo game dev with a few things.
The Sonic Fan game will have Shiny and auto on the team. But going forward, I will make a team or do things on my own.

I had some projects I wanted to do with some people a few years back but that is not going to happen it seems. Was a stupid thought.
I will have to move on without them.

chivalry of a failed knight anime girl GIF by HIDIVE

Projects I had in mind with other people was:
Text based RPG
A rpg platformer engine
Music based game

I will do these on my own along side w/ the fan game.

Time to let go of something(rant?)

I have been very distant (Much like others) but I think I don’t like Twitter anymore. It is a place now tied to something, and a constant reminder of that something to why I kinda I don’t like twitter now.

It’s funny. Twitter, a site I loved to death, knowing the many, many, many flaws. Twitter was a place I called home, made friends, and watched them leave. Wouldn’t it be funny if I just vanished?

Am I still depressed? No. But I am rather angry, I guess. I will keep my main account. I will be keeping to myself and isolate myself like I always do so people don’t deal with my moods but no ones talks to me, so I’m fine but just to be safe.

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