Twitch stream

Going to stream on twitch, if I still feel the same way about streaming from my last blog posts, then this will be the last stream. I will still be on twitch, just won’t stream is all.

Going to do Elsword PVP, Sonic stuff, maybe coding, and have touhou eurobeat music playing. It has been 2 months since my last stream. Kinda crazy but it’s crazy what two months can do to you in 2020, huh.

Then ThunderCry, the guild I talked so highly about, I’m having second doubts about staying. but no one cares If I left, so I will blog about it and my feelings so far

Well, if you plan on watching, come by or not. I will be streaming for a hour or two. could be longer but will see what happens if something comes up or whatever

I’m ChaosOny on or a link can be seen here.

Should be live at 6 PM or 7 PM. Maybe sooner. I’m a hour behind EST.