Watched a Sonic 2 race

So, I took a hour out of my day to watch the Sonic 2 race between HyperSonic7701, MastaKirby, and SuperChris. I’m watching the race from HyperSonic7701’s channel.

So, at first, the gang was just learning what to do. then came race time or time to race. And my god. I have never seen such a trainwreck. This is why it is best to be ready before hand. cause this was a hour of trying to get SuperChris logged in and it was quite the mess and very painful to watch.

Angry Cat Noises Shout GIF - AngryCatNoises Shout Anime GIFs
Angry Cat Noises

I should make it clear that I use Hexchat, which is a bit weird for me to learn after not using it as much. but I always have my password saved where it is safe, so I don’t run into this hassle or remembering my password and holding up the group.

If I ever get to a point where I just hold up people, I, personally would just leave instead of wasting people’s time or such. I am kinda glad I didn’t join this race. But after the trainwreck, it has finally started. Took a hour and so.

HyperSonic7701 is the one that had the most trouble. Trying to do fancy tricks, getting stopped in his tracks, getting softlocked, and overall had a much worse run. It was sad to see, and very painful to watch this run.

The race was kinda interesting. It’s interesting to watch a race by HyperSonic7701, and MastaKirby but joining a race is less interesting but I will leave it at that.

I think the best thing to take from this is.

Always be prepared when trying to race

Make sure if you are planning to speedrun or race that you are good to go. Able to log in to your account, good. Know your password in-case you have to log in manually? Also good. Have all the needed tool updated.

Use a password manager or put your passwords in a safe place for later. You should always make sure you are ready to go without a issue. That MAY not always be the case but for somethings that is not random, you can make life a bit better on yourself and others. That was a hour wasted.. For the wrong reasons..

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Angry Anime girl

Here are the links to the Sonic 2 race as Sonic alone

Here is the VOD of HyperSonic7701’s Stream of Sonic 2 This may be a highlight or if it is a past broadcast, it will be deleted in 14 days

Here the VOD for MastaKirby’s stream of Sonic 2

And SuperChris’s stream of Sonic 2

I just wanted to talk about this Sonic 2 race or live blog about what I thought.


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