May blog Update

I forgot to make a update for April, we are skipping that month and doing May update instead because why not. And missed April update.

A list of things I done, plan to do or been thinking of doing. For those new here, I just like to blog about what I done in a month or two or show my progress

Working outPart 2

Working out has been going well and from 2019 to now. I lost 70 pounds the few months and I feel proud of the weight lost I been on and it’s getting better :3 Diet is eating well, not too much, not eating late, fasting after dinner 5pm – 6pm, and working out for 30 mins

Tigre “playing” elsword

Tigre came out of the blue and showed me that he was downloading Elsword but i feel it might like “chekhov’s gun” that you show me something of Interest but never use it. Gonna hold my breath and give it a few months.

This probably might be a one off thing. But at least it is something.

Pangya Debug.

Let’s give Pangya another go for the x time but playing Pangya Debug with friends before has yield annoying results like crashing and getting disconnected during a match.

I was thinking of playing Pangya Debug to see if It was more stable- No. Still has the same issues, if not more. And there are workarounds to enjoy the game? but after watching MastaKirby’s stream of Pangya Debug, I might just delete the game.

Then this just made my choice a whole lot easier. If I do play Pangya Debug, It won’t be with friends but the game would still crash during GPs. Maybe i’m better off not playing Pangya anymore

Making fan games and content

So, I have become serious about making fan projects or apps and games. And to have beta testers to test my content and give me feedback and to make better content and fix issues

After this fan game, will be making better and bigger stuff. And fun stuff.

I have 2 beta testers at the moment

AutoBotODST has given wonderful feedback

Shiny gave me some feedback ouo

Zombie wanted to test out my apps but that didn’t go anywhere

Tigre wanted to try out my apps too but didn’t go anywhere as well.

And Hyper, he gave feedback on one build that is outdated.

Playing Elsword

When I play Elsword , It’s fun I see other players, and I’m in a good guild. I would love to play games with others but I have to get better gaming friends

I do have one friend that plays Elsword with me. And I help them out and it’s fun even if it is once a month or longer, got ppls to play with. Elsword has taken me away from Twitter but Twitter right now is just inactive. lol

No one to talk to really. This pandemic going on and there no time for small talk at this moment or anything really.. All I can really do is play Elsword, code, and other things.

Watching a movie

Some guild members from Elsword had a Movie Night for Scoob! and it was laggy but still watchable 58% of the time. But the thing is, I had fun. There was no one ruining the fun but making jokes and stuff

Scoob! Movie Night

I also watched the Sonic Movie with Auto and Shiny. Was also a fun time.

CyberScoreA end to a adventure

I think this is it for me. Most of the good mods are not there or I just don’t care for CyberScore anymore. If anything, I will submit to But I don’t feel CyberScore is needed in my life anymore, and in a way, I’m cutting out CS or CyberScore from my life.

I mentioned a lot that I just don’t find joy in competition, and by proxy, I don’t find anymore joy in CyberScore. I at one point, wish I did enjoy competition but that has changed for the better.

I will just slowly speedrunning Sonic games, as they are ruined for me. I don’t find joy in running Sonic games anymore. Gonna move on from here. In some weird way.

I again, thank HyperSonic7701. He shown me the ugly, and worst side of competition indirectly while trying to get me in to competition. Pretty funny when I think about it.

Don’t worry, I’m not shying away from competition anymore. Now I have a dislike towards competition but I will be competitive with close friends.

Best Smug Hat Kid GIFs | Gfycat
Best Smug Hat Kid GIFs | Gfycat – A Hat In Time

Watching Anime

Been watching the anime as of late. I been trying to keep up with anime since there are two anime I need to finish is

Ouran High School Host Club

JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Golden Wind

My hero academia

I got more shows to watch after these anime shows which I can’t wait to watch. Been wanting to watch other stuff.

Might be Privating My Twitter: OnyChaos

So, I’m going to private my main twitter for good, Maybe, since I don’t talk to anyone reason outside of who I follow anyway. You can always follow me @Onychaostv since that is my public Twitter account for tweets or livestreams or anything else

And I like having control over who follows me, so no randos can just follow me. For my main, I will unfollow inactive accounts though

Talking about SADX Randomizer

So, we are finally here at this point, granted, it’s more so my fault for playing SADX Rando but It was fun. It gave Sonic Adventure DX new life but, and there is always a but.

Gonna take a break from SADX random speedruns since I seen everything sadx rando had to offer. Even that super Hard kaizo egg Viper that HDN_Draxirch wanted in for some reason.

Even got to test out a unreleased version from Sora. So in a few months, I will do a SADX rando crit playthrough and a speedrun to give SADX rando the final swan song for my channel until something new comes out in the future or at least try to do so. I will see what will happen.

And I need to work on my own game as well. SADX rando is fun


I have always found guilds to be stupid or pointless since I been in a few, and it resulted with guild members having infights or the guild leaders being worthless as a leader, and making things worst. I found a guild that is fun to be apart of [ThunderCry].

And I may just leave the guild servers on discord after this post, as it doesn’t get used for anything and just sits there until leader* is online but even then nothing happens.

My Life

Has been “well”, Still alive during this pandemic. I been cooking a lot and it’s been fun. life pre-pandemic was starting to get better but somethings are meant to change.

During this pandemic, started to have anxiety. I wanted to tell people that was close to me but people are too busy at the moment and those who are not busy, i’m no longer that close to them

Tomoko Kuroki and social anxiety disorder. – Anime Solstice
Tomoko Kuroki and social anxiety disorder. – Anime Solstice | Anime: Watamote

I have gotten better with it but it does get out of hand from time to time. I try to do things to take my mind off it but It only works for so long. And not being a social butterfly anymore doesn’t help either. I miss talking to people.

But life has been getting better. i’m overthinking things or maybe things are as bad as they seem. Oh blog, I wish I could talk to people again. Just talking to them was fun but everyone is being put at risk to catch this virus cause of rude assholes and it sucks because it’s go be forced to work near those sick or stay home. And for many, if not all, there are no options.

Been cutting out the things bad in my life and letting in the things good in my life. Take that as you will. And if you feel offended by this.

Anime, Face, Reaction, Aesthetic, Memes, Meme, Animemes, Animeme ...

That’s all I wanted to say. Dealing with thunderstorms and hail. There is so much I got to tell Bet but that probably gonna be on hold for a while. I will find other things to do in the meanwhile lol

Stay safe out there and see you soon with progress on my game, I hope. :3