Elsword: I became a raven

So, I never liked how raven played back then. But I didn’t know how to play as Raven. Kinda ignored him for 5 to 8 years. I also didn’t know how to play as magical characters.. But.. I learned after a decade later. LOL

Raven – Nova Imperator

Why did I start to play as a Raven? Or what made me play a Raven? This video. It made me give Raven a another chance.

MeteorFalcon – Elsword: Happy Birthday Raven!! – My Raven History and why you should play Raven

This video was about MeteorFalcon talking about his past with Raven and selling you on the Idea that you should play as Raven or rather play Raven Nova Imperator which MeteorFalcon wants you to play as. He mentions the other paths but Nova is the main star of this video.

After watching this video like 5 or 6 times. I did it. Made a Raven. On my way to being a Nova Imperator. Gonna say, Raven is pretty fun. Raven’s 3rd path is high risk, high reward and it’s really fun. As long as you play safe, and are not reckless, you will do just fine, if not better.

Here is my Raven, on his way to becoming a Nova Imperator. He’s a EXP mule but can do damage. I just wanted to blog about this. Raven is fun, PVE wise. Not using him in PVP. lol