Played legends of equestria

So, a year ago, I started playing legends of equestria which was made in Unity because associates and strangers play it. At first, it was weird, awkward, even but I gave it a try and I started to have fun

Playing the game with Draxirch was fun. I was doing quests. But doing quests without was more fun, funny that, huh. I got to a point that playing with Drax, wasn’t fun. After learning this, I started to do quests by myself

And that’s when I really started to love LOE(Legends Of Equestria) I done a great number of quests but then the game got a update, A big update that caused me to stop playing outright.

For some reason, when I play LOE, the game eats up my GPU, and by proxy, my CPU which causes my pc to lockup and crashing the game. This only happened AFTER the update, mind you.

I couldn’t ask Draxirch for help since…. I did ask him if he knew / had this issue, that was a fruitless venture and sadly, that killed my will to play LOE since it kept crashing, I was not willing to play a game that crashes.

Like, LOE is not a bad game but it’s not a good one either. It’s really made for the My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic Role Players, like Zeal, Draxirch, BlueCloud or the hardcore fans.

I can say my impressions towards LOE pre-update were positive but post-patch.. It’s mixed while it borderlines towards negative impressions. I don’t know if these issues I had have been fixed or it’s still the same. Maybe in the future, I will give LOE another shot but without Draxirch which may be better.

That’s all, I wanted to talk about this game for a while and I got free time to do so.. Why not. :P

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    1. Makes sense. It’s a fan game that’s not too well known, if you searched for it during the peak of mlp years back you might seen it. And it was fun while it lasted. May see if things are better for Legends of Equestria, one day.

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