Elsword Guilds

I have always been against being in guilds since I will admit I have a bias against being in a guild. I tried being in a elsword guild but it was boring. I didn’t get the chill vibes so I dropped Elsword a bit to come back to find I was kicked for being inactive

It’s funny, since then, I have never joined a guild since but I say that but…I made a guild for me and my friend since every other guild just gives off this weird energy

I just don’t know. Elsword has gotten better and the NA Elsword are much more friendly now but back then… Yikes. It was not welcoming a few years back. Some of the NA Elsword pvp is still toxic so things never change.

Even now, I get invites to guilds on my other characters but rarely but I don’t join them, rather reject the offer because if a guild wants players to join them for something, A high level dungeon but I wanted to just do my own thing. I don’t know how that would work since the game got a lot of changes

My character, “SonikMaster” getting invited to NA Elsword guild “AnimeKingdom1” – Elsword NA version

As much as I wanted to join this guild… I have these flashbacks to being in a guild, feeling alone. It wasn’t fun and no one was around… I felt like this would been the same, if not worse. I do feel “AnimeKingdom1” may be a fun guild to join but maybe I will put my bias aside. If they invite me in the future, I will join the guild.

I will give joining an guild another shot or one last try. I guess holding this grudge or having this bias is making me somewhat, shortsighted but that will change. I just wanted to talk about Elsword guilds :p

I guess I should say is that, I’m not fond of guilds that have a 30 day limit or a 10 day limit. I get that guilds like to have active players but 30 days or 10 days and you are out? no thanks.


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