Elsword’s Varnimyr & Rigomor Improvements Are COMING

It’s finally here. The big update for the new areas and, now players who are trying to get by, can now have a “better” time doing these dungeons, although, a watered down version of normal raid dungeon. You can still get the normal items to get the accessories by getting blaze shards and trading them in.

Get ready for MASSIVE changes to Varnimyr and Rigomor Regions (including Rewards)! Enjoy Adjusted difficulty levels, an easier time getting the Flames of Judgement weapon, changes in reward acquisitions and more! You’ll find plenty of these improvements exciting and refreshing!


maid dragon | Tumblr
Dragon Maid

This update will be awesome but that doesn’t mean it will be a walk in the park, you will need to be ready to back up your team and yourself. And for the love of El Lady and all that is pure, stock up on revive tokens and potions..

Coming in to a dungeon unprepared, out of revive tokens, and hoping someone will revive you is so annoying. Get ready, you need to be at your best count on us and we are counting on you.

The story raid dungeons in Varnimyr will be cut down from 7-8 players to 1-4 players and it will run better* You can only get Raid weapon, Blaze Shards, and mystic stones. The story mode raid dungeon will be treated like Add’s energy fusion dungeon that the weapon drop rate go up the more you complete the raid dungeon which brings you closer to getting the weapon to drop

This update, which I’m hyped for. I don’t know when it is dropping but we are there. :3

It’s gonna be fun.. I hope. lol

From what I been hearing, this update was made easier from players saying it was hard and well… It is hard, no lie there and it is said it was made to keep the old players and bring in new ones but this is rumor and word of mouth..

I’m Onychaos in Elsword, and Elsword Discord. :3

Where I got my sources?

https://elwiki.net/babel/?p=7067 | Korean Elsword Updates



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