SRB2Kart – 3 races in 1 video

Back again with more SRB2 kart videos. As the title says, 3 srb2 kart races in one video. All being hosted on Mastakirby’s server and streamed on Mastakirby’s Twitch channel.

The man had so many wads that replays started not working. The games were fun till some asshole got mad he was kicked. Told him why he was kicked but didn’t read the warning. No one reads these days.

I would add a Twitch clip link but Tumblr will hide this post in search. >:V

Here the video with the races shown.

Who is who here.

Don’t be mad is OnyChaos (me)

MastaKirby is Mastakirby

Nowa Nowa Noire is HyperSonic7701

We are using a change character wad and Roll the dice wad.

Sand Valley

This was a fun course.

Player 4 had some very awful ping which made our game lag to hell and back. It was not a good time

I played Poorly in sand valley, but on Lap 3, I was trying to hit masta with my powerstar but missed too much.

Masta had Item frenzy and the moment it ran out, I got Powerplay by some luck which won me the race. :P


Petroleum Refinery

Not much to note here beside getting a S.P.B within 15 seconds

Hit at least 4 bananas. They were place in places I drive to. Banana city, it was. Still after all of that, I won? I should have not, that was dumb luck. lol

Desert Rift

Not much to note here but on Lap 2. Hyper rolls 5 SPB’s and you can see why I slowed down there.

Masta rolled a ghost or had a ghost but I learned that the ghost only takes items who is in the same lap or higher or who is in the same lap but in front of the ghost. I was behind masta when he used the ghost but my items were safe

It could been that I was lucky or that is how the ghost acts, which is interesting to know

And lap 3 is where I got a powerplay while masta is trying to outrun hyper’s S.P.B but he got Powerplay soon after getting hit.


These races were fun. we were all playing to have fun and not trying to hard to win some games and we are on the same skill level and not trying to leave the players behind.

If you get to a point where you are lapping people in a racing game who are trying to have fun. you are everything but fun to play with. Just my opinion.


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