SRB2Kart – 4 races in 1 video

Here is Part 2 of the SRB2K video. I wanted to upload the other half and hope you enjoy it. :3 This was also hosted on MastaKirby’s server and streamed on his Twitchchannel.

As the title says, there are 4 races in one video and as always, it was a fun time and there are too many wads(Mods) to name. :3

Who is who here.

Don’t be mad is OnyChaos (me)

MastaKirby is Mastakirby

Nowa Nowa Noire is HyperSonic7701

We are using a change character wad and Roll the dice wad.

– Notes –

Sonic Gameworld

My character’s audio is buggy to a point the game audio starts to bug out or glitch, as seen in the first race. But I like playing as her, she’s cute and fun. Too bad the audio was buggy / cutting out

This is one of many tracks where it’s easy to miss / skip a checkpoint in order to clear a lap. Hyper met that cursed fate when his lap didn’t count.

The SPB on Lap 3 was something. 2 laps without one and I let my guard down but it keeps you on your toes

Gemstone Garden

Not much to note here but to start, the Item frenzy was not too bad. I got some good items.

The SPB going after someone else was lucky. On this track, the SPB will target everyone but it would still go for who is in real 1st place.

The person the was link, left and link dies when he does not finish. It’s funny.

Daytona Speedway

The start was bad :P but the make up for the bad start, I got mines which blew up in my face. But I was not about to make a U-turn for the mines

I managed to hit every trap and my own spike ball.. I had some bad luck there. :V But every time I got a item, it was very useful

Lake Margorite

Masta was the Motobug. Best thing to note here.

But I was knuckles. >_>

I was able to not only dodge a shark but made it find a new target to hit. :3 I wasn’t sure how I did that but glad it happened.

Was fancy on the finish line in lap 3 and drove backwards, cause why not.

The course is much more fun with more players but same can be said with every course but some courses are more fun with more people as it plays off for a chaotic race.

Hyper won the race. :P


Bye. :3


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