ZAMDS, the COLLABORATION Youtube account

So I was browsing my old Twitter names which have a archive of twitter accounts from people I talked too. Assuming their account is still up.. And I found a collaboration YouTube and twitter I made with friends a decade ago. We made the Youtube account in 2009..

WHAT DOES ZAMDS MEAN? Look at the below: Zamds stands for “Legend Of Zelda Series, Adventure Quest Worlds, Mario Series, Dragonfable, Sonic The Hedgehog Series”

This is what it stood for.. Our naming was bad back then – Aqwrocks/OnyChaos

So, Zamds was going to be a Collaboration between me/aqwrocks, SecretDomTv/Doom731, and AQWMalkoir We had another member in the group named PecryChase but he left the group.

The group was made to be a collaboration of Let’s plays, AQWMV’s (Adventure Quest Worlds Music Videos), and other stuff. But that stopped after the final upload being “The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess part 9”

It just died or we gave up too soon. My friends wanted to do their own thing, and I wanted to complete my let’s play of zelda on youtube. The other reason was someone had the password but lost it or changed it and didn’t tell us, locking us out which killed the group

And the same can be said for our twitter account.. Which did not last long. I guess these are time capsules, in some sense. We left our content here for over a decade, if not more. Nothing here has aged well

Shortly after the group died, Doom731 went his own way and lost contact with him, And lost contact with Malkoir as well around 2010 and after 2011, I lost contact with most of my AQW “friends” or they had left social media

This brings back some bitter sweet memories because this was a time where I had friends who I called a lot on skype, worked on projects together, played games together..

I guess somewhat, Pippils discord group brought back fond memories of chatting with old friends, calling and having fun. I would had stay in the pippils discord group but there were a lot of things I did not like that made me end up leaving the pippils discord group but it was nice while it lasted

And it’s funny. At this point in time, I have not met my rad girlfriend, Bet, or met AutobotODST. Man, life is funny. Things can change so fast..

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