March Blog Update

It's a crazy year... Who would seen this coming? We all forced to stay home from the coronavirus like a game I know. Fallout Shelter. But have not played that for a year or two but enough of that. During this time or downtime. I have free time to reflect on my life, my choices … Continue reading March Blog Update

Sonic Speed 2020 Day 2

So, after forgetting that Sonic Speed 2020 was a thing last night, I also forgot it was a thing but went to the stream today and it was kinda fine though, I did missed a good bit of the stream and started watching around 2Pm? I want to bring some highlights from what I seen. … Continue reading Sonic Speed 2020 Day 2


So, I see that Sonic Speed 2020 is close to starting. In a few days and plan to last for 3 days of Sonic Speed running. I seen their Sonic Speed trailer (The music at the start sounds like a bad future) and it's interesting because they go through all the years they held the … Continue reading SONIC SPEED 2020

SRB2Kart – 4 races in 1 video

Here is Part 2 of the SRB2K video. I wanted to upload the other half and hope you enjoy it. :3 This was also hosted on MastaKirby’s server and streamed on his Twitchchannel. As the title says, there are 4 races in one video and as always, it was a fun time and there … Continue reading SRB2Kart – 4 races in 1 video

Draw Stars tool

So, late to the punch. But wanted to release it on new years but got side tracked with my blog. It’s a tool that makes stars which you can make messages or draw stuff Figured I share this tool. Itch . io user name is onychaos and the app is called Stars version 0.1 It … Continue reading Draw Stars tool

My kingdom heart 3 experience

So, I have finally done it. I got around to beating Kingdom Hearts 3 and I must say… It was a fun ride but most of the game first experience of a true blind playthrough was ruined by Drax, Flakey, and Dave shitting on the game and telling me things that I didn't need to … Continue reading My kingdom heart 3 experience

Looking back on some things

It's crazy.. A few years ago. I was friends with the whole group. Jack, Susu, Henry, BlackDiamond. I feel I have been repeating history since the same happened with Onyx but that is a different case. There is a bright side to this later on. Why am I writing this? Later on.. Won't be linking … Continue reading Looking back on some things

Saw my blog on another blog

So, I didn't really pay attention to WordPress blogs, other then blogging and posting, I would blog and call it a day. So, When I was on Tumblr, I would checkout the SRB2 section in search and would see LesbianChemicalPlant come up and have no clue who this person was. I wanted to see if … Continue reading Saw my blog on another blog

ZAMDS, the COLLABORATION Youtube account

So I was browsing my old Twitter names which have a archive of twitter accounts from people I talked too. Assuming their account is still up.. And I found a collaboration YouTube and twitter I made with friends a decade ago. We made the Youtube account in 2009.. WHAT DOES ZAMDS MEAN? Look at the … Continue reading ZAMDS, the COLLABORATION Youtube account

Sonic Adventure DX Randomizer 2.1.1 review

Alright. I made some post on this Sonic Adventure DX mod or rather two posts but never done a full on "review" since this mod is still a work in progress (W.I.P) Or early access would be a better term? It's a public mod but new versions are in the works for beta testers So, … Continue reading Sonic Adventure DX Randomizer 2.1.1 review

A interesting Talk with HyperSonic7701

So, as the Title says, I had a interesting talk with HyperSonic7701 during his livestream on Twitch and said he saw my blog about stop being competitive felt sad that from the things I said on my blog that he was responsible for me not being competitive anymore. And being put on the spot, I … Continue reading A interesting Talk with HyperSonic7701