Wanna talk about Sonic 4 EP 1

So, Sonic 4. It was an interesting* game.. I know a person who is a Sonic 4 Apologist and I should share my thoughts on the game

It’s funny. Before I met HyperSonic7701, I somewhat liked Sonic 4. Hell, I had it on X360 (Xbox360) and completed Sonic 4 to 100% and later, I got it on PS3? I had Episode 2 on PS3 before my brothers broke it.

But for the most part, I did enjoy Sonic 4 because it was just me and the game. There was no competitive players in my mind. It was just me, my open mind, and Sonic 4 part one.

After meeting hyper and seeing how competitive he is, it deff makes me not want to play Sonic 4, it turned me off from the game.

But let’s talk about the hate* The game gets because I strongly disagree with him.

Why I feel the game gets hate

>It has a ugly style for a 2D Sonic game

>It’s trying to continue after Sonic 3 and Knuckles (Those are big shoes to fill?)

>Rather then 1 whole package, it’s broken into episodes

> learning the controls or getting used to them in order to enjoy the game..

>Poor physics considering since they made 5 sonic games prior to Sonic 4  

Sonic 4 Nostalgia

Zone one is just green hill zone. Only thing different is there are gimmicks but each zone has them but so did Sonic 3  but I feel Sonic 4 could done without them or just have one per zone

Zone 2 is just casino night from Sonic 2

Zone 3 is labyrinth from sonic 1. Act 2 has the annoying torch gimmick

Zone 4 is metropolis zone

The last zone* is Death Egg

Sonic 4 borrows too much from the classic games that the game doesn’t know what it wants to be..Which Sonic Mania had the same problem in which it used Nostalgia for most of the game.

And somewhat Classic Sonic in forces is kinda the same? In terms of broken physics, more or less the same

My final thoughts

Sonic 4 as a whole is ugly art style, boring, and underwhelming to me. The fact that I have to learn the controls to have a fun time sucks because again, dimps made 5 Sonic games that felt better to play on handhelds. You had to learn how the advance / rush games work before you could go fast..But at least it was easy to pick up..

Sonic 4 feels too clunky when you first play. Sonic is too heavy, physics don’t work like they should. But Sonic 4 Episode 1 is a ok game with a short lackluster adventure build on nostalgia, and borrows heavily from classic titles (Sonic 1 & Sonic 2) It’s Sonic 4 but it doesn’t know what it wants to be. And Sonic Mania had the same issue but there was a reason for that.

If Sonic 4 was:

A whole game (Episode 1 , 2, and metal in one game)

A better price (5.99 or 7.99)

A you know, 2D game and not 2.5D game (Mighty no.9 or Donkey Kong country)

Sprite based game

better physics or had used physics engine from the advanced / rush series

Not being named Sonic The Hedgehog 4

It’s own thing and not trying to continue after Sonic 3 and Knuckles

If it had original levels and less nostalgia to no nostalgia

I think the game would have done better, you know or at the least, the hate wouldn’t be as strong like it is now / during release.


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