Sonic Adventure DX Randomizer 2.1

So, Sonic Adventure DX Randomizer 2.0 (SADX Rando 2.0) by Sora_yxow is a blast, I had some fun moments in the mod and even did a run of the mod which you can find here. I am still new to speedrunning sadx randomizer or just SADX in general.. ^^’

Why am I talking about SADX Rando 2.0? Well, not too long ago that SADX Rando 2.1 came out with bug fixes and new features. 2.1 is a real game changer coming from 2.0 to 2.1

I had some silly moments I highlighted during my stream which I plan on sharing with you all. :3 Silly moments or bugs

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Sonic Adventure DX Randomizer

When this mod first came out. I was not to crazy about it since during this time I seen the Sonic Adventure 2 Battle randomizer and back then SADX randomizer was bare bones which felt like a cheat code to switch characters.

I was not too crazy about sadx randomizer after seeing SA2B randomizer and not being too blown away and sadx at release was neat but didn’t pull me in but however.. overtime these mods, SADX randomizer in particular because this was a game I spent a month on learning the in’s and out’s of it

my run is here is in the link below

Trying out SADX randomizer on stream. Man, this mod has seen very big changes. changes that make the mod worth playing. This mod community is getting to a point where they can make their own game out of SADX.

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Elsword is down again for maintenance

So, for those who don’t know. Elsword had a maintenance that was 11 hours long meant to fix the connection issues in KOG games. To make the game more stable but what people said, it was for the raid areas so… Don’t know.

What I do know is that after the update / maintenance was done. The game felt better but everything was normal.. Till today I tried to play around 11 Am and the game did not let me in.. Thinking I got banned or something, I checked the site but no updates but checking the elsword Discord

I was not the only one affected. Seems those in the NA servers are affected by this. There still is no update status, blog post. We are left in the dark without a real answer and it’s weird.. I thought the maintenance was meant to fix some of the issues..

I can say, I hope people affected by this get something to make up for this disconnect because this is annoying and I was having fun playing Elsword before the disconnect. Players outside of NA can still play but all players are slowly being hit by this. Again, we are in the dark at the time of this post.

Compensation is deff needed for this. I can hope it’s not piss poor compensation like “Here is 20 healing items that you can get that do the same thing from the board. :)”

Playing Sims 4

I made a new group of sims or rather I made 2 families of sims. The one group of Sims is just single sims because their lovers passed on to the other side

Widow sims

And the other group or other sim is this guy who just goes around making every sim his. He is a asshole, yes. And he just does not care and I love sims. Though I hear or seen sims 3 is better

I still need to add mods in for Sims 4 to do more stuff. I love the freedom in this game, though some things limited in how you make your sims but it’s still a fun game.

Here my list of sims

Been playing Sims 4, Elsword, and Clicker Heroes 2 but these are fun to play. :3 I am bad at naming sims, I know. lol XD

Sonic Advance 2 speedrun

Did a Sonic Advance 2 run as Cream The Rabbit. It was fun but very different. I always played as Sonic in Advance 2 when I ran the game

If you want to watch my run. Here the link:

I probably might do this again. This was pretty fun


Wanna talk about Sonic 4 EP 1

So, Sonic 4. It was an interesting* game.. I know a person who is a Sonic 4 Apologist and I should share my thoughts on the game

It’s funny. Before I met HyperSonic7701, I somewhat liked Sonic 4. Hell, I had it on X360 (Xbox360) and completed Sonic 4 to 100% and later, I got it on PS3? I had Episode 2 on PS3 before my brothers broke it.

But for the most part, I did enjoy Sonic 4 because it was just me and the game. There was no competitive players in my mind. It was just me, my open mind, and Sonic 4 part one.

After meeting hyper and seeing how competitive he is, it deff makes me not want to play Sonic 4, it turned me off from the game.

But let’s talk about the hate* The game gets because I strongly disagree with him.

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Wanna talk about SRB2.2

So, SRB2.2 came out in December 7th. Everyone in my group was happy to get play it. I was happy but not as happy as I was around the day that the srb2.2 trailer dropped.

There are bad hot takes here. You been warned. :3

I’m kinda sad that some of the level layouts here didn’t make it in the final build* I will go on about that later. I was not as happy since after 2.1+ the game didn’t read my triggers on my controller. A tiny issue but I worked around it and still had fun.

Alright, so srb2.2.. So my thoughts. When I first did a play through of 2.2 on twitch stream. I had fun but SRB2.2 felt like a level pack like Tortured Planet or the emerald isles. It didn’t feel like a true release to me but it was released but the game is far from done. It was fun but lacking something to me…


I did a review? Or a thing on SRB2.1 But the game is fine, not great but fine. The new changes are not bad but questionable. There are changes I don’t agree with? But it’s not my game. they made it.

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