Legend of the Sacred Forest impression

So, this is in pre-alpha, a  game by Giga6152, the guy who made the sonic adventure sx and such. I had seen bits and pieces of it on his twitter, and his twitch? Can’t remember that bit.


I never played Sonic Oxilary or (Sonic OX). I seen gameplay of it and progress but never took the time to play it. Have to do that one day..

Point is, he released it for people to try out to get a taste, report bugs and give feedback and the like. I’m assuming that is the case


There is one level. No boss. There are enemies, spikes and objects. The game has a lot of place holders but it doesn’t matter because it is fun

The “game” has a freedom planet / spark vibes going on and to say it feels like a sonic game putting it lightly but it is in pre-alpha but it’s not a bad thing

Wanna mention some bugs I found or things I don’t like. Not many, mind you but enough though to give some fixing

You can move after hitting the goal by boosting into it. If you die during this state the timer will stop


The enemies don’t pop and kinda hard to see with the background. I ran into them sometimes

Enemies need some type of knockback since they can walk through your attacks and hit you.

Overall, the “game” or pre-alpha is fun to play and it’s best to list the things now for the future. It’s fast, to the point, and shows off what the engine can do. And I know this will be fixed later.

Even for a pre-alpha, there are really no bugs with the game to be honest

I probably may stream this game on my twitch or add it to my backlog

Good Luck Giga6152. :3

link to game: https://gamejolt.com/games/lotsf-game/448407


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