My goals and plans for 2020

OnyChaos here, and 2020 is here and it’s time for new goals, and life changes in my life.

And getting rid of the bad things and doing things with my life and make one big list of goals / things I done / plan to do


I will Update this list as I go or forget about it. Lol :P

So people may not like these goals but oh well. Lol :3

Goal / plans or things I want to do or may want to do


Stream Nep rebirth 1 once more

Speedrun momodora

Finish Sonic fan game or at least have it in a better state (Project was a lot bigger then I had planned and I want to move on to bigger thing)

do stuff with my gf

Upload a new let’s play to my channel

Update my discord rules and server and have my server at a finished state

Play more games with close friends and my discord members

I will be permanently removing twitch mods who are inactive or not close friends

May add a channel editor

Do a SRB2.2 review thing

My Discord members who stay will get rewards (Test future projects)

I want to make programs that people can use. Tools or games

Talk to more people on Twitter

Goal: I will give myself till my next b-day to get a big update out there for the fan game to see if I want to put this on the back burner or 100 % drop this project outright.

Get a nice job or a job in a month or so. That’s the plan anyway. :P

Watch more anime

Set my stream chat to follower only

Thing to do: Will put my discord members in my fan game / game credits, Anyone that leaves won’t be in the credits

Going to watch Dragon Maid,sword art online, and rwby without deadkev19 since it has been 2 years

Probably going to stop hanging around toxic ppls. I rather not be like them.

Make my discord server less strict in terms of joining and fix my discord rules to make it friendly. However, still keeping in the rule that if you leave then you are exiled from the server. May change that later. 

Have a movie night with discord members or something like it

Make my roles / discord be connected (I.E, being a mod in the discord server means you are a mod in my live streams) Probably might do this and rip the non server mods.

Have a discord game night with my discord members

Probably will make a comp like channel for members who are serious and a casual channel for non comp members

Things I have done

I have moved away from speedrunning Sonic games

I left some discord servers

1 Staying out of toxic and cancerous discord servers.

I taken steps to better myself and leave or distant myself from toxic friends or just no longer talk to them as much

No longer putting up with petty friends

made a lot of progress in learning clickteam and how it works

Made some things in clickteam which are up on my page You can view on my blog

Been more open about my feelings and been good so far

I leave Discord servers if I don’t talk there / or the host has a toxic server / or I just don’t want to be there

been working out, going up and down.

Going on walks

letting go of my anger

made some things in clickteam

Spend my time with positive people and spend less time with negative people

Not dealing with bullshit anymore :3

Seeing some friends or people continue to talk about someone is very petty.

Been having fun

Cut out a lot of un-needed things / drama from my life

Now some won’t like these changes or plans but 2020 is time for new changes and a new self. You can stay the same or change.


And it’s best for me to leave behind a lot of things or bad people in 2020

Negative vibes

Petty friends who can’t let things go

Toxic friendships

Stay away from friends who aim to put others down and not build them up

gonna stop hanging around bad friends (I will let you figure that out or you can ask me)