Legend of the Sacred Forest impression

So, this is in pre-alpha, a  game by Giga6152, the guy who made the sonic adventure sx and such. I had seen bits and pieces of it on his twitter, and his twitch? Can’t remember that bit.


I never played Sonic Oxilary or (Sonic OX). I seen gameplay of it and progress but never took the time to play it. Have to do that one day..

Point is, he released it for people to try out to get a taste, report bugs and give feedback and the like. I’m assuming that is the case


There is one level. No boss. There are enemies, spikes and objects. The game has a lot of place holders but it doesn’t matter because it is fun

The “game” has a freedom planet / spark vibes going on and to say it feels like a sonic game putting it lightly but it is in pre-alpha but it’s not a bad thing

Wanna mention some bugs I found or things I don’t like. Not many, mind you but enough though to give some fixing

You can move after hitting the goal by boosting into it. If you die during this state the timer will stop


The enemies don’t pop and kinda hard to see with the background. I ran into them sometimes

Enemies need some type of knockback since they can walk through your attacks and hit you.

Overall, the “game” or pre-alpha is fun to play and it’s best to list the things now for the future. It’s fast, to the point, and shows off what the engine can do. And I know this will be fixed later.

Even for a pre-alpha, there are really no bugs with the game to be honest

I probably may stream this game on my twitch or add it to my backlog

Good Luck Giga6152. :3

link to game: https://gamejolt.com/games/lotsf-game/448407


What a night

So, HyperSonic7701 and MastaKirby had a idea to race Sonic 2 as Sonic then race Sonic 2 Knuckles and later Knuckles’ Chaotix. Let’s talk about the shit fest shall we?

Sonic 2 as Sonic

It was fine. It was pretty fine since I don’t run or play Sonic 2 that much It was not that bad


Sonic 2 Knuckles

It was fine when Knuckles became a problem. Jump height was a issue and Death egg as knuckles was awful..

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Hyper’s Quest 2 – what happened?

So Hyper Quest 2 is or was a fangame being worked on by a small team or something. The man on Twitter who changes his username way too much used to dm me on Twitter to test his new builds of the fan game after I made my first post on his game back in 2017 in WordPress

And I would cover the different builds of the fan game on my WordPress blog. Some builds would have new things while other builds had tiny updates that were not worth me posting to my blog.

But the Fan game was promised to come out sometime in 2019… What happened?


The last update I got from him was in September 2019 that was till I did some looking. A simple google search of Hyper’s Quest 2 will bring up a Sonic Fangame forum where his last update was Nov 3rd/2019


Well.. At least I know why the project went silent and why he unfollowed me on Twitter or one of the reasons. It sucks cause I was looking forward to this fan game. What a bummer that is.

I think If I get asked to beta test something, I will do a background check on the dev / team to make sure they are good and can complete a game / project because it sucks to spend time finding bugs or issues for that to go to waste


I wish the dev well. I would link his twitter but he changes his Twitter handle too much that I won’t bother anymore. Kinda disappointed, I saw somewhat of a good thing here. like a diamond in the rough. With some serious work, it could been a fine fangame.

But whatever they do, I wish them the best.

SRB2.2 – Haunted Heights Zone Tails – 1:31.77

Hi. Got another SRB2 video of time attack for SRB2.2 but this time it’s Haunted Heghts Zone as Tails but with a new time. This was a fun run of sorts. Not going to do this as Sonic tho. ever.

Well, hope you enjoy and probably should have a SRB2.2 review thing up soon… but that can wait

Gonna stream dust: an elysian tail

Taking a short break from coding my Sonic Fangame in Clickteam fusion 2.5 to stream a video game while cooking roast for tonight. Probably going to stream for a hour or so. Hoping to anyway. :3 Stream will start in 15 mins. Maybe sooner. gotta restart my pc first

twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/chaosony


Almost been two years since I played this. Where does the time go, huh? Also I think I’m going to drop neptunia rebirth 1 as a stream game since I already beaten the game. Going to give drop the game after 3 more streams of it.


But anyway. Going to stream dust: an elysian tail for a hour or maybe more and may have a call with friends. Don’t know yet. lol. Stream will be in follower mode and going forward.

YouTube videos about Sonic93

A few weeks back I had some videos that talked about this Sonic93 person come up on youtube as recommended. Which normally I brush off cause there is always some kind of beef between sonic fans fighting other sonic fans something or opinions..


But some more videos came out about Sonic93 saying she has brought up old drama that has died down in 2019 / 2020?. I watched some of these videos since they were shown to me cause I watch sonic content on youtube

(I want to make this clear, Just A Robot’s video is one of many new videos popping up. And While I hate Sonic drama (Cause normally, it’s very, very petty drama), I am learning some things about a person or how they act)

My only take away from the Sonic93 drama? Is huh? Like, this drama is kinda dumb. This drama started where she made some rants about other silver fans not liking Silvers for flaws and all, and other sonic ranters who ranted about her. That’s what I heard from videos.. (You are better off finding out this by looking on youtube)


The best part for me is that, this Sonic93 person was off my radar. I didn’t know who they were till these videos came up in my feed. I can only hope that this lass doesn’t cause anymore petty drama, and has changed for the better

Well, that’s all. Just wanted to talk about this. I seen people on Tumblr also mentioned Sonic93 being in their feed or getting youtube videos about her.

My goals and plans for 2020

OnyChaos here, and 2020 is here and it’s time for new goals, and life changes in my life.

And getting rid of the bad things and doing things with my life and make one big list of goals / things I done / plan to do


I will Update this list as I go or forget about it. Lol :P

So people may not like these goals but oh well. Lol :3

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