Gonna stream rebirth 1 – cycle 2

https://www.twitch.tv/chaosony gonna stream hyperneptunia rebirth 1 on my new game + file. I will try to get the best ending. I’m not going to 100 % the game like my friends who play nep a lot, not going to bother, to be fair. :P

Hyperdimension Neptunia: The Animation

SRB2.2 – Arid Canyon Zone 3 fang – 39.82

Here is another SRB2.2 video but using fang this time. Boss Time attack. I got around to uploading this bad time and I’m still using a controller. But hope you like it.

I don’t know how many more post I will make because I have 24 posts I need to re-upload to tumblr anyway. Maybe more but eh, we will see what happens


SRB2.2 Castle Eggman Zone 2 – Tails time attack

Wanted to share my Time attack video for srb2.2. Since Mastakirby and Hypersonic7701 are making videos, I may as well join the party. Here my time attack of Castle Eggman act 2 using a controller.

This is a playback but hope you enjoy. :3 It’s nothing amazing.

Steven Universe movie

So this is late to the punch but wanted to share my thoughts on the Steven Universe Movie I was busy browsing Twitter when I saw Steven Universe come on. I just kinda ignored it at the time, it was when Steven aged up to be 16 years old that caught my eye.

Normally when a character gets old the story gets darker, the characters may face more life changing moments


I loved the movie. The songs took a while to grow on me cause I didn’t really care for the sing along songs.. At first. The characters are great. I love the new Steven, Connie, the crystal gems. And Spinel, oh boy.. At first, I was confused as to why she wanted to kill Steven because I missed the first half of the movie (i was able to rewatch later)

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Why I stopped being competitive

Warning: This vent is all over the place but no hard feelings, just needed a place to unwind and release my problems or talk about them



It’s time again for a fun post and an interesting topic from me, OnyChaos. Why I am no longer competitive or why I stopped being competitive. Well, let’s see in the old days of CyberScore or when I joined the competitive side of Cyberscore or gaming, for me was fun.  It was about being better while having fun, you know?


Here the thing. Me and my friends. Auto and Shiny. We are competitive in smash but we have fun at the end of the day because having fun is better then trying to out do someone in a vidya game. And I am fine with people being competitive but most of the time the environment is toxic and by proxy it keeps me from playing with other friends.

But being competitive seems to be such a serious thing that some forget what fun is or rather the only fun is beating the other players or fun being wasting hours, days on a game to beat the score by another user that has long since stopped playing.

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