Gonna stream rebirth 1 – cycle 2

https://www.twitch.tv/chaosony gonna stream hyperneptunia rebirth 1 on my new game + file. I will try to get the best ending. I’m not going to 100 % the game like my friends who play nep a lot, not going to bother, to be fair. :P Hyperdimension Neptunia: The Animation

SRB2.2 – Arid Canyon Zone 3 fang – 39.82

Here is another SRB2.2 video but using fang this time. Boss Time attack. I got around to uploading this bad time and I’m still using a controller. But hope you like it. I don’t know how many more post I will make because I have 24 posts I need to re-upload to tumblr anyway. Maybe … Continue reading SRB2.2 – Arid Canyon Zone 3 fang – 39.82

SRB2.2 Castle Eggman Zone 2 – Tails time attack

Wanted to share my Time attack video for srb2.2. Since Mastakirby and Hypersonic7701 are making videos, I may as well join the party. Here my time attack of Castle Eggman act 2 using a controller. This is a playback but hope you enjoy. :3 It’s nothing amazing.

Steven Universe movie

So this is late to the punch but wanted to share my thoughts on the Steven Universe Movie I was busy browsing Twitter when I saw Steven Universe come on. I just kinda ignored it at the time, it was when Steven aged up to be 16 years old that caught my eye. Normally when … Continue reading Steven Universe movie

Why I stopped being competitive

Warning: This vent is all over the place but no hard feelings, just needed a place to unwind and release my problems or talk about them ___ It’s time again for a fun post and an interesting topic from me, OnyChaos. Why I am no longer competitive or why I stopped being competitive. Well, let’s … Continue reading Why I stopped being competitive