wanna talk about newgrounds

So after the cursed day that was the Tumblr purge, many artist looked for a new home. but from the shadows came newgrounds which offered NSFW and SFW artists a new place to call home. As we all know, Newgrounds has a rating system.  E for everyone / SFW T for Teens / Semi-SFW M … Continue reading wanna talk about newgrounds

SRB2Kart – Virtual Highway Tie

One of many highlights from Mastakirby’s stream and srb2 kart room that was full of close matches, heated matches and the fated ties. Like SRB2 Kart is fun but it’s much more fun with. Here in Virtual Highway, you can see said tie in action. https://youtu.be/A1KMVhtlEP4 Fun things is that we spent so much time … Continue reading SRB2Kart – Virtual Highway Tie