Super Smash Bros Ultimate | fun Matches with my buddy AutoBotODST

So, me and my buddy AutoBotODST had a discord call where we played nothing but smash ultimate for 30 mins and those were fun 30 mins which you can watch here.

Our friend @ShinyFelyne was going to join us but he was having dinner or something but, at the time he was unable to join. :C But he can join the next session, whenever that is. :3

wanna talk about newgrounds

So after the cursed day that was the Tumblr purge, many artists or artist looked for a new home. but from the shadows came newgrounds which offered NSFW and SFW artists a new place to call home.

As we all know, Newgrounds has a rating system. 

E for everyone / SFW

T for Teens / Semi-SFW

M for Mature / Semi-NSFW

And A for Adults / NSFW

These ratings are meant to keep young kids and teens from finding adult content in the “E” rating or “T” rating since these are young kids or teens but some artists have been uploading questionable or straight up hentai in the “E” rating for young kids to see and to like, rate, and comment.


It’s pretty awful and here is the thing. Newgrounds rating system is odd in the sense, that instead of using “E, T, M, A” as a way to rate your art or project. It’s done in this manner via radio buttons.


Why are we not using a more streamline way of rating things. I am never going to upload anything to Newgrounds since I don’t really know.. I been a Deviantart user for years and Newgrounds feels like tumblr minus the adult content and reblogging posts.

I get some artists who make NSFW art may be / are in a rush cause they are busy with something, but at least double check to make sure your NSFW content doesn’t end up in Everyone rating where young kids can see this.

This is not some one time thing. This happens more then it should. The artist in question uploads NSFW, it’s in “E” rating, users ask why is this art (ecchi/hentai/porn) in “E” rating, after enough comments of asking why. The artist will change the rating from a E to the fitting rating.

One NSFW post that was left in “E” rating was this image, which I had to blur out the adult bits, since this is tumblr. Can’t show porn / hentai / ecchi unless you want to get flagged / shadowbanned / lose your account. But to be safe, gonna backup this blog.

Even with this picture blurred to the maxed, this is going to be my first post to be flagged for blurring / removing nudity. If this account gets shutdown, I will move back to wordpress. Not going to bother trying to start over on Tumblr.


Here the image in question but blurred out for Tumblr:

[Old] Breeding the Doggo [Coloured]

And again, this happens way too often on newgrounds where SOME ARTISTS do this and never double check rating and move on to the next thing. Maybe if Newgrounds had a better rating system, but even then, I feel it wouldn’t matter.

I noticed that some artists like badgengar are hopping on this bandwagon of uploading porn or very suggestive* art from Gerph being uploaded to the “E” rating on Newgrounds where kids or teens view content.

It would been fine if this was Tumblr, since there before the porn ban, you could upload this stuff. Here the thing why I bring it up. You want to try to not step on any toes, and other artists have been uploading porn into the E rating or rather, it slips by unnoticed..

But a got number of NSFW artists have misused the rating system for some reason.And you will be able to know this porn was in a E rating from the comments.

And if it is by a mistake from rushing to upload adult content or using a post to Newgrounds app like PostyBirb or the like , be sure to fix it, we don’t need kids or teens looking at porn unless the find it on their own and not forced onto them cause some artist wanted more views, follows, likes. I follow these artists and I like them but it’s sad when it happens

As far as I know, This is a first I seen adult content being marked as “E” for everyone while another artist has had VERY suggestive art or his ecchi that is borderline Hentai in some cases marked as “E” but the comments speak for themselves.

I’m sure this will be taken the wrong way but hope the artists can mark their stuff right or at least, double check to make sure porn is not in the “E” rating. Newgrounds is laid back but you don’t want users reporting you for your adult content being in “E” rating then your account might go down.

Just trying to keep future artists out of trouble. I did comment and so did others on newgrounds to the artist about the one picture set rating in question but no reply?


But that’s all for my little* rant. ^^ But something needs to be done but food for thought.

sonic robo blast 2 Kart – Virtual Highway Tie

One of many highlights from Mastakirby’s stream and sonic robo blast 2 Kart room that was full of close matches, heated matches and the fated ties. Like SRB2 Kart is fun but it’s much more fun with. Here in Virtual Highway, you can see said tie in action.

Fun things is that we spent so much time to find a room that was empty in order to play together but every SRB2Kart in game server was full or one got in.but got to a point that we were better off with mastakirby making his own server..

But even that server started to fill up. Though these people were laggy as fuck but after that, it was fun but chaos. From HyperSonic7701′s traps to Mastakirby and his bait of coming out of nowhere. Like, what the fuck

Boy, oh boy. MKSC Sky Garden is a perfect look into these cheese this man has, like bruh! THIS GUY


But many laughs were had and it was good stuff.

srb2kart – petroleum refinery zone

Did a stream last night and damn, it was a fun run during the SRB2 Kart section  and fun times were had.and i will post a video here of a highlight one of the races

I will link to the twitch vod of the srb2K part and the fact that MastaKirby came out of nowhere and styled on everyone was nuts but pretty damn fun but planning on running it back though. 6 or 7 pm. I hope to stream at this time, if nothing happens


SRB2Kart – Egg Zeppelin zone

Here is another video of SRB2. I am very rusty at the game. when I got to this course I was able to get a handle on things but only for this course. And some youtuber named “FabulousNinji” was in the game with us in the server getting clips for a video?

It was interesting at the very least. Doubt I will see him or her again since I go in these servers with my friends…But I feel it may be time to change that and do stuff like this on my own instead of waiting on hand and foot for them, which I think will stop doing.

Food for thought, I suppose.

Some things to note.

At the start I did not move cause I was replaying to a message

This was a livestream on twitch but it was fun. 


Enjoy the video. :P Been a short break since I made a post. lol