Venting about rocket league

This is gonna be a vent post, and I need to let off some steam and what better way to vent on tumblr of all places. So my friend got me a PSN+, rocket League, and UNO, and I’m grateful for that. Really I am but… One thing I figured was that It wouldn’t be … Continue reading Venting about rocket league


Looking back on some things I have done two years ago and I forgot about some Sonic Forces time attack / score attack videos I did for a site called CyberScore.  I was going to upload these videos and link them on CyberScore but these videos are out of date and I have not touched … Continue reading SOME ILS I REMEMBERED THAT I FORGOT

Gave Pangya Debug one last go

Oh man. Time to talk about Pangya Debug. Oh boy. I never knew a game could piss me off with it’s problems mainly the server disconnecting or the game crashing while in a session. Like holy shit. I have never been so pissed off at a game on this level. So, I said I quit … Continue reading Gave Pangya Debug one last go

My Sonic Fangame update

Now with the prototype on hiatus, I have to say that it was fun to learn how to code in Clickteam Fusion 2.5 and learning how the program works. I even made my own app and even a game. And seeing as I can’t write code (I.E C#, Unity, non visual coding). Clickteam fusion 2.5 … Continue reading My Sonic Fangame update

My Tumblr experience

My thoughts on Tumblr and WordPress but also my experience, and me talking about what I don’t like. :P Using Tumblr has been an interesting ride as a blogging platform. It's makes blogging somewhat easy. You make the post, tag it, And you are done with that post. Tumblr is pretty great but as great … Continue reading My Tumblr experience

Mario Maker 2 experience

Mario Maker 2 has been a fun experience for me, making levels for other players to play have been fun. Making levels for hours and making sure that they are fun to play or make sure they are not annoying. And Making Levels is interesting as you can see the stats of each player. How … Continue reading Mario Maker 2 experience

Duel links replay

So, it has been a while or in fact I never posted a Duel Links replay to my blogs. So I got one to share, I have fell in love with the Duel Links Vampires and they are pretty fun. My deck is incomplete but it’s much better then before. :P There is about … Continue reading Duel links replay

SRB2Kart – 3 color drive zone

Playing some SRB2K with friends. Princess Rosalina is a bit op in SRB2 Kart but by some amazing luck I came in first :P This was fun to play tho

SRB2Kart – MKSC Rainbow road Playing SRB2Kart with the same group of friends again. The playback desynced but don’t know by how much but looks like it was fixed so after. But I used to hate this stage from mario kart super circuit since It’s very easy to miss your mark but after learning tricks from my friends, the … Continue reading SRB2Kart – MKSC Rainbow road

SRB2Kart – Darkvile Garden Playing SRB2 Kart or Sonic Robo Blast 2 Kart with friends. We are normally on the same playing field when it comes to this game, which makes it great, in my opinion. This is DarkVile Garden, It has a amazing song from a castlevania game. This was a fun track to play in srb2k.