Venting about rocket league

This is gonna be a vent post, and I need to let off some steam and what better way to vent on tumblr of all places.

So my friend got me a PSN+, rocket League, and UNO, and I’m grateful for that. Really I am but… One thing I figured was that It wouldn’t be day to day playing rocket league. Rocket League is fun and I’m glad I was able to play it…

I feel like I HAVE to play rocket League, because he got me 3 gifts. I don’t mind playing Rocket League but it’s like eating sweets, at first they are great and you want more cause it’s great and you got a sweet tooth for it..

But the more you continue to eat, the more you start to get sick of the sweets. that’s me and rocket league, I had my fill of it and I’m sick of it. My friend is not very good at picking up on my hints, even though most should be clear.


But playing a game back to back is not bad. There are games that are fun to play day to day. And, for me, a game about hitting a ball in cars can be fun for so long. I feel I have to push on with this till my PSN+ ends. Don’t need an another Duck Game fiasco that happened in our group.


Well, that’s all I wanted to say. My friend has made me feel burned out playing Rocket League and not gonna lie, I’m already sick of the damn game. Much like Duck Game, I’m sick of it too. May be best to uninstall duck game to send a message rather than a hint. And Uno is fun but fun with friends. One Friend, one stranger and one CPU is interesting.

But Uno is a whole new story but that’s for a later time. Oh yes, that’s for a later time.

Just wanted to vent about rocket league, it’s fun but I am tired of playing it with my friend and I had my fill.


See you later. :3 



Looking back on some things I have done two years ago and I forgot about some Sonic Forces time attack / score attack videos I did for a site called CyberScore. 


I was going to upload these videos and link them on CyberScore but these videos are out of date and I have not touched Sonic Forces in sometime, and I just have no need to head back to do ILS or Individual Levels that and my data I had saved was overridden when I did my first Sonic Forces race.

It’s a shame too. I was at one point uploading Ils to post to CyberScore but Sonic related ILS are not fun to do anymore or at least not right now, it’s boring to me. I know there are people and friends who get a rush or get a boost from doing ILS.


Proud of that pun. :3 But doing Ils on Cyberscore was fun. Who knows? Maybe I may do ILs in the future at some point for a bit and drop ILS as well but for now, that’s done with.

Gave Pangya Debug one last go

Oh man. Time to talk about Pangya Debug. Oh boy. I never knew a game could piss me off with it’s problems mainly the server disconnecting or the game crashing while in a session. Like holy shit. I have never been so pissed off at a game on this level.


So, I said I quit Pangya Debug and that post was like 10 Months ago when I said that but my friend drax told me that Pangya debug is not dead but rather no one plays pangya debug in our group anymore, counting me.

I was stupid, a few nights ago I heard Pangya Debug got a good number of updates, and I gave Pangya Debug a last chance, a new start to give me good impressions of the game…

What a shit show this was. Network errors, Errors when changing servers, game crashing or network during a session with friends.

I have been left with anything but good impressions, and to me, it feels like the problems I had with the game somehow got worse? I’m sorry but if I was done with Pangya Debug prior to playing it now. I can say Pangya Debug has ruined my fun..

I have said this before and I will say it again. Pangya global fresh up and Pangya Celebrity were the only Pangya games that I had really put a lot of time into, hell, I was bad at the game but at least they were more stable.

Pangya Debug feels like a crapshoot to me. It’s never a matter of if the game will crash or network error but when? I hate the fact that me having fun is a crapshoot. Can we play without the game crashing and have fun? It’s hard to get into a game because the moment you get invested into the game session, the game errors or crashes.

I learned that I value my time when it comes to playing games and I used to deal with this shit but I got to a point where I refuse to put up with bullshit. That’s me tho. There are people who can put up with this and more power to you.

Bottom line is that I gave Pangya Debug one last good try and I was greeted with server errors that are still there and game crashing bugs. To say I was disappointed would be an understatement. Sigh. I can not be bothered to deal with this game anymore.


I can deal with a lot of things but this ain’t one of them.


Sorry for the rant. Wanted to vent about Pangya Debug. I mean, as much shit I gave GM_Leia and GM_Don on how they managed their private server and streams, they at least had a somewhat more stable Pangya private server, it did have its share of problems but not to the scale of Pangya Debug.

I don’t agree with them and hearing that their Discord is a no talk zone unless you add verify your phone number to speak in this server. But this is word of mouth and have not seen the server in question but don’t plan to, if I’m honest.

That’s all I wanted to say. Later people. 

My Sonic Fangame update

Now with the prototype on hiatus, I have to say that it was fun to learn how to code in Clickteam Fusion 2.5 and learning how the program works. I even made my own app and even a game.

And seeing as I can’t write code (I.E C#, Unity, non visual coding). Clickteam fusion 2.5 is the next best thing for me and I love it. And I can use this for future games that are not fan games or apps. :3

I should break down this prototype or what is in it.

You have a super form and a “Hyper form” 

You have a spindash and hyper dash from Sonic 3

There are 2 acts and “credits”

There are a ton of bugs that are not fixed, i know. There may be bugs that I may not know of.

But there is not much to this prototype worth noting.

There is no link for the prototype as prototype is just meant to show what ideas I have and what may or may not be added.

Also. Clickteam Fusion 2.5 HTML exporter breaks my code :V

My Tumblr experience

My thoughts on Tumblr and WordPress but also my experience, and me talking about what I don’t like. :P

Using Tumblr has been an interesting ride as a blogging platform. It’s makes blogging somewhat easy. You make the post, tag it, And you are done with that post. Tumblr is pretty great but as great as it is to blog on Tumblr…

Tumblr has a few cons that makes it hard to enjoy it but the same can be said of and chances are, It’s just me that feels this way.


I like how easy it is to tag posts on Tumblr. I love Tumblr’s Tag System, it’s better then WordPress’s Tag System. But the problem with Tumblr tags, is that you are a drop in the sea of art post, questions.

Now, WordPress is not any better by any means. Their search system is full of unrelated posts from any website that is powered by or (Self-hosting website) 

While on the Tag subject, I really do hate the “3 Post per tag” rule. I can understand wanting to stop spam but it’s a bad way to go about this. Nothing is stopping you from ignoring this rule other then your posts that break the tag rule. They won’t show up or lag a bit before showing up.

But even with the 3 Tag rule, Your posts is in an ocean of question posts, chat posts, audio posts, art posts, and other posts. I feel text posts are boring to people but I enjoy blogging, ranting, and posting other things but I know that my type of post are not for anyone really but that’s fine.


But with Tumblr changing in the past, it’s hard to say if things are better or worst?

At least you can search up terms or hashtags on WordPress and Tumblr but it’s better to search by tag on Tumblr from what I seen in the past if you want better..

My next issue is a me thing but when making a text post. I never understand why when you insert a video link, that the video goes to the very bottom of the post and Having to drag it back up to the top is eh…


Making a text post is simple and pain free, other then the video embed issue I mentioned, it’s not too bad if the post are short but it’s an issue or pain if the post are long

The last thing is A Tumblr problem that Tumblr staff thought they could fixed. The porn bots, they thought if they could hide all post with links that the porn bots could be stopped but the porn bots found a way around this.


Porn bots just reblog posts that may do well and they can just spam that way. And yes it is old news, but the effect of this URL Ban* is that all posts that has links that are blacklisted are hidden from Tumblr Search, and there are a lot of that are hidden, counting mine posts…

And Maybe this is me but I had a post where I added a link that was not whitelisted to Tumblr post source and removed it. The post was still hidden after removing the link..

And I have a lot of post with links but sadly, not sure removing the links will make my post show up again, if they don’t show up that means I have to re-upload the post to make it show up again.

With the cons out the way. WordPress is the same but Minus the 3 Tag per post rule and the URL ban.

Tumblr has been a fun time for me. Tumblr let you turn your blog into a piece of yourself. Make your blog how you want with no limits. I love that freedom when it comes to Tumblr themes and changing your blog site.

With WordPress, your freedom to edit your blog is very limited. You may edit the widgets or other theme features if they are free. If you wish to edit a blog theme on WordPress akin to Tumblr, you need to have an upgrade on your account for that right.

Now If I can figure out how or why it is taking some long for Google to index my site. My WordPress site has been index and is almost up to date but my tumblr is lagging behind and it has been four or five years? And only see 4 results..

And Need to figure out what this means “Only the first 20 tags on a post will show up in searches” (On tumblr search or off tumblr search and something like google?) I’m sure in time I will understand this more but for now, I will learn as I go. Just talking about tumblr. :P


Well…Got a lot of post to remove links in, re-tag them better, and more.

Oh, and I love that you have infinite image space or it seems to be that way. :3

Mario Maker 2 experience

Mario Maker 2 has been a fun experience for me, making levels for other players to play have been fun. Making levels for hours and making sure that they are fun to play or make sure they are not annoying.

And Making Levels is interesting as you can see the stats of each player. How many times they failed or how many players beaten the stage or how many have played my stage and it can give you some insight  of what are the skill level of players.

But while making stages is fun, I have had people and friends play my levels and the results are umm…. Very interesting to say the least. My first two levels were hard? And not very good as the first two levels were just things I put together in the first few hours.


I took time to make a level that is more user friendly called “Ruined Castle Mines” There is more to do in the stage but… The Idea was that this was a more lighthearted stage that is aimed to more new players or people who are not too good at platforming.

But It’s hard to get an idea of what is the skill level of the people who play your stages and the only thing I can think of is to make a stage that is a flat line. But I feel doing this would be boring and not a fun idea.


I know most people make a level in Mario Maker 2 and call it a day. But for me, It’s sad to see that players have trouble in my easy level but it is what it is. It’s a bit disheartening to know this but I won’t let this stop me from making stages.

If anyone want to play my levels I will list them below. :P

“Fun Desert Land”

ID bjn-fp0-k3g


Bowser’s Castle Meltdown

ID 09p-lp0-mqf


ruined castle mines

id dcf-txr-1tf


I have a snow level in the works, it will be fun. :3 See you later.


Duel links replay

So, it has been a while or in fact I never posted a Duel Links replay to my blogs. So I got one to share, I have fell in love with the Duel Links Vampires and they are pretty fun. My deck is incomplete but it’s much better then before. :P

There is about 7 duels in the video I wanted to share but yeah. Not much else to say but enjoy. :3 And I got him unlocked


SRB2Kart – MKSC Rainbow road

Playing SRB2Kart with the same group of friends again. The playback desynced but don’t know by how much but looks like it was fixed so after.

But I used to hate this stage from mario kart super circuit since It’s very easy to miss your mark but after learning tricks from my friends, the stage is not as bad but still not fond of it but it was fun.

I am glad that SRB2Kart replays are handy for watching a race or match.

Goes without saying but I’m playing as Princess Daisy. :3


SRB2Kart – Darkvile Garden

Playing SRB2 Kart or Sonic Robo Blast 2 Kart with friends. We are normally on the same playing field when it comes to this game, which makes it great, in my opinion.

This is DarkVile Garden, It has a amazing song from a castlevania game. This was a fun track to play in srb2k.