big changes

Hello people. This is going to be a more serious blog post. With things changing in the household and things going forward I want to state some things that no one has asked of me but that's ok. So updates. These are pretty big changes in some sense if I say so. Getting a job … Continue reading big changes

Interesting question about running SADX

Just a blog update. I been asked a interesting question. The question being do I want to speedrun any other character in SADX or put the same amount of time into a another character like I did for Sonic? And to be honest, I was done with SADX. After Sonic's story. I was done with … Continue reading Interesting question about running SADX

Elsword: Never change classes on a whim

Ah, So you know you done something stupid in a game when you have regrets after the fact. What am I talking about? I changed my ain richter to an ain bluhen. This is bad since my old Ain ( ain richter) was a a physical class and not magical. Now being Bluhen now, I'm … Continue reading Elsword: Never change classes on a whim

Beaten Neptunia Re;Birth 1

Beaten Neptunia Re;Birth 1 on Twitch.. It feels nice and I want to talk about it. :3