Birthday stream (May 11th)

It’s that time of the year. The one day of the year I dread and others cheer for? It’s my birthday. Don’t know why I dread this day. But enough of that. So, time to talk about a birthday stream and what’s in store.

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So glad that you asked. Well, if I am free and can stream. Here are the games that are planned for the birthday stream and other things. It should go without saying but not every game will be played here

Mario Kart 8

Super Smash Bros. Switch

Maybe Neptunia

Sonic adventure 2 Battle

Maybe Some Clickteam fusion coding *^*

Elsword later on. :P

Spyro Ps4

Crash N-sane

Sonic 3 or mania


Any other games I play will be on the fly and not on this list.

So, when can you watch this livestream of the birthday that is mine? Well, my dear viewer. You can head over to this channel to watch the stream.

Catch the stream on May 11th. Up to you to watch or not. :P

During this livestream. It will be fun and crazy. And there will be a call with friends

You can ask me questions during the stream. I know a few people who won’t, and that’s fine. Don’t be shy. Make sure they are not personal ones. C:

There may be rants.

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