My list of things to do next month

Hello there. It has been a while again. Lost again in the Elsword world…. I need help. Lol. But enough with my Elsword problems I would say that this is a list or things I will do this month / next month..

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There is no order of how things will be done here. :3 Let’s begin shall we?

And I need to make a post cause why not? XD

Things on the back burner or on hold for this month / next month:

Upload Part 2 of the let’s play

Upload Final part of the let’s play

Catch up on jojo bizarre adventure golden wind anime

Get back to making my fan game in Clickteam fusion 2.5 – working on that

Maybe even do something different like review a person and give my impression of them. Maybe.

Get the void weapon in elsword and do the other skill quest – Complete

Do the Elsword anniversary event that will last from today to May 3rd. And do the super event on May 4th – complete

Stream Neptune before my birthday comes around. – done

Things that will happen or may happen in the future:

Persona 5 (May come back after beating Neptune Rebirth 1)

May private my account so I can have control over who follows me on Twitter. – thinking about it. still thinking on this. :V STILL THINKING

Make my Alt account for non private. (@Onychaostv) – done

Catch up on aggretsuko christmas special

Redo my about page for my blog

Update my Discord server and purge inactive accounts – almost

Rewatch Castlevania

This is my current list of things I plan to do. :P The list may change. Thanks for reading.

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