Elsword impressions

Has been a while since I made a post. Been busy in Elsword, playing SRB2 and SRB2Kart with people in a call 3 to 5 hours a day.

Elsword has went through a lot of changes  or game revamp. Last time I played Elsword was in 2016 where skills had skill points for upgrading skills. But playing Elsword again. A lot has changed, for better or worst.

I want to share my thoughts on Elsword and talk about the game. I love elsword but it has problems..

Elsword’s Combat Power

I wanna talk about this feature… Combat Power. But before this, there was item level. So. Item level / Combat power was a another requirement for dungeons to play them.. But to be fair Item levels was a much better of the two evils…

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So, why is Combat power bad? It’s a new way to gate keep you out of dungeons that have high combat power. And as far as I know, it does nothing to your combat stats. It’s a second requirement for dungeons. And even if you meet the Combat power requirement, there’s no promise that you will be able to get by some dungeons.

To add to this. It’s hard to get a idea, if you can deal with the dungeon or not. I can’t tell if I am strong enough and join a dungeon to get wiped out by the monsters. But another thing that bugs me is the combat power requirement for some dungeons is fucking high..

Add’s dungeon combat power is 75k or 75000. If you meet the requirement, you won’t be able to win since the monsters are overpowered, in my opinion.

Most other players are high leveled with maxed out gear. But returning players and new players will have their work cut out for them.

Elsword’s Dungeons

Getting into Elsword is easy, at the start. When you start out Dungeons that range from level 1 to level 70, you will have a good time. But from 69 to 99, you will have trouble or maybe need a party.

Now, why is this a bad thing? In the main story dungeons that are high level, there is no one around to help (MOST OF THE TIME) and some dungeons in the storyline become hard. You NEED a party, if you are starting out in the higher dungeons.

Odd enough, there is not many people in low level dungeons, and if there is. it is 1 or 2 players, at the most. At the low level dungeons. 1 to 50. you will have a good time solo, assuming you have your gear high leveled as you can get it. But 60 to 99 dungeons will need a party to have a “fair” chance.

You may ask, “Where are the other players at?” The other players are doing raids or doing high level dungeons with a guild or doing pvp (Player vs player) or something else. This means if you are looking for help in a help level dungeon, you are SOL, unless someone is joining the same dungeon as you. It’s not 100% the players will stay. If you have a asshole in the party, they will leave mid-dungeon.

I believe that dungeons getting re-balanced may never happen..

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I love Elsword, I really do. Elsword became my new MMORPG when Wonderking met it’s end… I put 2 + years into this game. But it feels like this new version of elsword is un-balanced? The whole argument I hear is that Elsword is a pay to win game… And I can see where they come from.

You can unlock skills during quests, but unless you have the right gear and can deal good damage for these quests, those quests will be on hold till you buy them with K-ching or get stronger.

I am a level 99 Ain. But even some dungeons, I can’t even beat. I have to hope that a good event happens where you can upgrade your gear.. I know Elsword had a game revamp + some updates to make players life’s a bit more easy…

But I just want to talk about Elsword. :P

Is Elsword a bad game? No, it’s a fine 2D MMORPG. Could it use more work? Yes! But I doubt that will happen. Elsword has some beginner traps that are easy to fall in. :V But is Elsword a pay to win game? No. When you reach 70+ or 99. It becomes questionable if it is or not…

Thanks for reading. :3

2 thoughts on “Elsword impressions

  1. so you’re on the same situation as me, except i gave up and quit the game on 2019 i think.
    ain lvl 99 too 3rd job etc played for 4-5 years wasn’t able to find an easy way to get more combat power, also didn’t want to change my whole build(i was comfortable with it) for one fucking mechanic or whatever.


    1. Yeah, a few years back when I was on and off with the game. Having to figure out what I need to get or where to get it was a pain since I had to go through trial and error. And trying to get more combat power is hard without a guide, sadly. If you don’t play often, you will feel lost. But some changes are coming in a month or so to make things a bit easy. Things got a bit of fixing. And Elsword CP is still annoying. Lol.


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