Wanna be a twitch livestreamer?

To be a livestreamer in 2019 is rather a easy task. All you need is a good pc and /or laptop and streaming software, and you are good to go. Now, if you are trying to be a “big streamer” in 2019. You won’t have a easy time.

Let’s talk about somethings. To make it big, You need to stream often, but with so many streamers showing up each day. What do you do that makes “You” special? Simply streaming is not going to cut it anymore.

I want to address some things that seems to be forgotten.

Things to not do.

  1. Never always expect viewers or friends to show up when you stream.

This is one of the most toxic mindsets to have. Because, if no one shows up, no one being those you expect to show up but don’t show up. Don’t lashout at them or give them shit. I get it. Being a streamer is hard but giving other shit because don’t show up will never excuse your shitty attitude towards them.

“But my friends show up” If some of your friends show up, they have free time which leads into point 2..

2. Don’t treat your viewers or friends different or like shit if they don’t show up.

The worst thing you can do is be a asshole but to get a attitude with someone or start treating people or friends different because they don’t watch you stream 100% of the time is pretty toxic.

Yes, being a streamer in 2019 is hard. And having returning viewers for your streams is also hard. And streaming almost non stop is tough. But no matter how hard, tough, or unfair the road to be a streamer is. When you start treating those like shit or differently. Your actions CAN NOT be justify by any means. lashing out at people who have done you no wrong or even supported you is messed up.

But here is why some may not show up.

3. Reasons people may not show up

  1. They are busy and have a life
  2. They are busy and may want to use what little free time to watch their favorite streamer
  3. You are playing a game that they will want to play with the game being ruined for them
  4. They are doing their own stream
  5. They are working on something
  6. You are one of many streamers, and maybe they want something new

Some streamers “BELIEVE” that everyone has free time and nothing better to do but come watch them, which is, not the case here.

Hyper’s Quest 2: High Voltage demo impressions

So, I was asked to give my thoughts on this demo. I figured it would be neat to see what has changed or not. And I will give my impressions. So, let’s get started.

When you open the game, and have a controller connected. The game will ask if you want to use it or not but after that it starts up as normal, there’s no cutscene this time. I will talk about the new things that was added or updated for this demo

Let’s talk about the stages, as they are the new things here.

Stage 1: Archaic Valley

This is your basic platformer stage. Not a bad thing. It does somewhat teach the player the basic of the demo  You have pits, enemies, and such. I wish there was a bit more. Maybe in the final game, it will change. Overall, a okay stage.

Stage 1 Boss: Boss

So, the boss has been unchanged here. It’s the same from the last demo, so I won’t touch this. It’s a okay boss fight. A bit simple but gets the job done, and hope they can improve on the bosses

Stage 2: Faded Hills

I-it’s green hill… breath in

Image result for sonic unleashed meme face

Now, It’s not bad. It’s a pretty good stage that is based on Force’s Green hill. There are custom set pieces but it’s a fun stage, but with a little work, It will be great. The S tunnels need fixing. I do love at the start of faded Hills. Well done.

Final stage in demo: Cyber Edge

This is a pretty cool zone, it’s fast and the stage gives off a “Final zone” vibe There are a lot more traps here, and pits but if you play well, speed is your prize, and it’s great. Only thing I wish was that the stage was a bit longer.

Now let’s talk about the bugs in the game i found.

  • Grabbing invincibility and jumping / rolling or spin dashing before the invincibility plays stops the theme from playing and no music is heard till you get a life or invincibility ends.
  • In Cyber edge, There are bars you can grab to hang on to. If you homing attack to fast, you will hang on nothing in midair Here is a gif
  • Moving spike bug. Better to show you. If the spikes are up and the player lands on them, you take no damage
  • If you pause and return to title screen, the value for the level stays the same
  1. Stage 1| Stage 1 boss | Stage 2 | Stage 3 | Credits
  2. If you beat stage 1 then go to the title screen from the boss then beat stage 1 again, the game thinks Stage 1 is the boss, so you will go to stage 2 and skip the boss
  3. Stage 1| xStage 1 boss | >Stage 2 | Stage 3 | Credits
  4. And if you do the same as before, you will skip stage 2, and head to stage 3
  5. Stage 1| xStage 1 boss | xStage 2 | >Stage 3 | Credits

And you can keep doing this till the credits

  • The boss will continue to have a hurt box, after beating it. If the 8th hit is from the special ability, the boss will keep moving in his lose state and if you hit him with Hyper’s special move, it will reset the boss death animation. View here
  • After beating the game / demo, there no way to play the new levels, as you get forced to the level select screen.
  • Credits. After beating the demo. Beating a level from the level select will bring you to credits and there no way to skip them after watching them for the 7th time.

My final thoughts

I was a bit worried when I heard the music in Archaic Valley, as I played this stage in the last demo. But after beating the boss. the other levels were fast and fun, a bit short but still fun. I like where this fan game is heading. 

And I wish them luck. :3

That’s all I have. I will be closing my dms since I could try out the demo and it was neat. Shame I got sick when making this post. :V

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