Sonic Adventure DX speedrun stream

Alright, so It’s time I start sharing more stuff on my blog, like I did on Tumblr. So I have been running or learning Sonic Adventure DX for some unknown reason. I don’t know.

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To get to my point. I plan on streaming SADX or Sonic Adventure DX till I can get a good time that is sub 35 or lower. Until I get time of 35 or lower, I will keep doing streams focused on SADX

So if you wanna watch me run SADX for the luls or watch the runs. I will be doing the runs when I get time (I will post a link when I go live.) but you can watch my streams or vods at Once I get the personal best (PB) that I want, I will be done.

Now that my PB is not bad, I can’t afford to make mistakes in the run as each one is a auto reset since once I get behind in my splits, change for pb is gone.

The only areas I can afford to make mistakes in is
Casinopolis and twinkle Park Since I would be ahead. A death in Act 2 of Twinkle Park would end the run.

But other then that, I will be aiming for the lowest Time that I can get, if everything goes well. If I can pull that off, I will be done with SADX cause I know I did my best. :3

Saime did suggest that I should run Sonic 06′ It would be a simple run since A) I have the PS3 version and that says a lot. And B) I don’t plan on learning a new game. Sonic Adventure DX was the lucky one to catch my attention at the start of this year. I’m not sure about Sonic 06′

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That’s all. Thanks for reading. :3

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