Elsword is fun

Elsword is your side scrolling action manga MMORPG based on a.. Well, manga.I want to talk about the game, so here I go.

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At the start, Elsword was a simple game with a few characters and back then I made a account and it was pretty fun but needed more to the game. New characters, more story, and a new update for the game overall

A few years later, the game got some nice updates and along came new characters, backstories, ui upgrades, and game changes to make the game fun.

I have been playing Elsword. All the new content is a welcomed change for the better and the game is fun, the servers are normally stable, you will get the lag spike here or there but it’s normal.

Elsword still runs off the Stamina bar, which will allow you to fight and enter dungeons, assuming you have stamina to use. I don’t have anything bad to say about the game… But there are some things.

There are paid currency called ” K-Ching ” which is used to buy special in game loot found in the K-Ching shop. Far as I know, there is nothing there that has a one time effect. You have the option to pay for a faster way

And they have to have other means to earn cash, this is a minor thing.

Elsword has a Steam version of the game, Do not play the steam version unless your pc is strong otherwise you will notice lag more often. I do not know what happened with the Steam version of Elsword but I can’t recommend Steam Elsword till they can fix that port. It’s bad. IMO

If you wanna play Elsword the way it was meant to be played. Go to their main site and get the stand alone version of Elsword You will have a better time without the lag issues

Can I recommend Elsword to you viewer? Do you like anime and anime based MMORPGs? Then give Elsword a go. A fan of anime but not a fan of anime MMORPGs? Just give a try for a half hour.

You can find the Elsword team here for updates.

Their Twitter: https://twitter.com/elsword

Their website: https://elsword.koggames.com/

Their Twitch.tv: https://www.twitch.tv/elsword

Thanks for reading. c: