Day 1 of SADX speedruns

So here are the results of my work for today's stream. I will be going over some highlights. Going over the full stream would be a bit much I "had" a first chance at PB, given there was a lot of mistakes. The run died to the second to last hit on Egg Viper, cause … Continue reading Day 1 of SADX speedruns

Elsword is fun

Talking about Elsword :3

A change in plans

I tried to join the event. :V

Pangya Celebrity Refresh Rumor

"Are rumors of a Pangya Celebrity Refresh true? In this blog post, we explore the possibility of a new Pangya project, and delve into the history of Pangya Celebrity and its support, or lack thereof. Will GM_Don and GM_Leia be able to run this new project better? Join us as we discuss the potential of Pangya Celebrity Refresh, and share our thoughts on the future of this beloved online golf game."

Nothin’ But Mario & Sonic

BigJon06 Event to help support Child's Play Charity.