Hyper’s Quest 2 christmas 2018 impressions

Here are my impressions on the fan game called Hyper’s Quest 2 CHRISTMAS 2018 DEMO

So, with this being a demo. I will talk about what I like and disliked. And some bugs.

This is a fan game made on the Sonic Max engine in Game maker studio.

Controller support works well but the only setting that works is Vsync (I think anyway) But after that the game loads up the intro logo screens and then you get story or plot about the game. Dr.robotnik is doing evil things, go stop him.

And after hitting start, you can play as Hyper or Knuckles

Can I just say that the song for Ecstatic City Zone is pretty great. I love it

The first stage is fun, thought a bit short but it gets the job done.

Think you will get a good Idea of the zones. They are fun and they do vary in size. The first zone for Hyper is short but it is very fun and the other zones follow the same idea but they are longer, and there is a bit more here to explore. The levels could use a bit more work. But it’s still fun to run though, even just being a demo.

Time to talk about what I liked and disliked


  1. Music (4 or 5 tracks I did enjoy)

  2. Hyper’s moveset

  3. The sprites


  1. The boss fights were meh

  2. The level layout could be better

  3. The collision  does need a bit more work, it works but in some areas, it’s buggy

  4. While I did enjoy the music. The rest of the songs were a miss for me The songs for bosses and the second zone and arcade mini game songs were meh. This however is subjective.

  5. Lack of a skip button for the cutscene or intro story

  6. The game booting up has varied load times. Not sure if this is the cause of the engine or what.

The only bug that’s worth noting is that debug mode is broken. It needs fixing..

My final thoughts

TheRealHypester, what I played here was a great demo of something amazing. Yes, it needs works works but for the most, this left me with good impressions, and I hope to see this fan game completed in the near future. You have a diamond in the rough but with a bit more work, this game will shine on through.

His Twitter: https://twitter.com/TheRealHypester

Play his demo here: *locked or deleted the game