Tumblr Purge aftermath

Tumblr…Tumblr…Tumblr. What the fuck? Before I lose my mind, I want to go over what has went down on Tumblr and the such. This is a rant

Update: You can view blog that been banned / shadow banned / flagged by viewing them in your dashboard only

So. Not long ago, Tumblr was removed from the Apple App store for having child / kitty porn on their platform, reblogged by blogs that are run by porn bots. Along with other blogs that promote racist, sexism, misandry, misogyny and neo nazis.. But I’m getting ahead of myself here.

After Tumblr was taken off the app store. Tumblr addressed the changes with a long ass post with the title A better, more positive Tumblr which to sum up. Tumblr is removing all / any adult content or any content that may be “inappropriate”

We can thank the CEO of Tumblr, Jeff D’Onofrio.  And after this post, Tumblr went dark. There was nothing. No updates, no news, just silent.. And what’s funny here is that a few days after that post, Tumblr was placed back the Apple app store but Tumblr was still going through with this plan to kill off a user base.

Alright. I wanna say something, ok? Ok. So.

1)  I know there are people who fall under the “I don’t like this, so this shouldn’t exist” mindset. And fine, you can have an opinion, but to feel something shouldn’t exist because YOU don’t like it, is an awful way of thinking.  It’s censorship  of freedom of speech.

It would be me saying I don’t like X and it shouldn’t exist because I don’t like something others like.

Then after the post, posts started to get flagged down. Left and right. No one was safe, not even the tumblr staff but that was just a sign of things to come and on Dec 16th at midnight. Most or some logged off of Tumblr as a way to send a message after Dec 17th came around..

but no one could have prepared for what has happened next. “inappropriate” blogs or NSFW blogs were hit the hardest. Some blogs were deleted by Tumblr on the first purge and post where flagged.

Dec 18th comes around and we see the damage done by Tumblr. And tumblr writes this post saying it was “hard to do” No, It was not. You already planned on this.  But the gist of it is that. They won’t delete adult content (Cause they don’t fucking know how) but rather hide the posts that are “inappropriate” or nsfw with the new system in place.

But let me tell you what this means, alright?

1)  Any blogs that are flagged as “inappropriate” or NSFW are pretty much shadowbanned. You won’t come up in Tumblr search, your page / blog will be blocked by this image

Image may contain: night and text

And no. You can’t turn off safe mode. Pretty much means your blog is dead. Only the blog user of said blog can view it. Everyone else, old fans or new fans will be unable to see your content. This is unfair.

Yes, Tumblr could do what they want. But here is the thing. Tumblr users HAVE been reporting issues, and problematic blogs for years. What does Tumblr do? Post memes on Twitter, Post useless updates on Tumblr, instead of addressing the real issues.

this hellsite Tumblr was a place for everyone to be themselves or share anything in the open. it could be fan fic, art, videos, reviews. Anything really. You could say, Tumblr was a safe space to be.. But not anymore.

I would like to bring up this again. “A better, more positive Tumblr”

Tumblr CEO wanted to make Tumblr “Better” by removing / hiding adult content.. And guess what? You did. You killed off a user base of artists, users who made art, pin ups,  fan fics. Yes. Some did come to Tumblr to view porn. But a lot of others came to Tumblr to support their favorite artist on the platform.

These artist made a fanbase, and even a living off of Tumblr. But, oh cause we got removed from the app store, let’s fuck over adult content and turn Tumblr into the next Facebook but worst.

And what’s funny is. You have these moms and users who are in the camp of “Good. Adult content should never be on Tumblr” I’m sorry but please fuck off.  And guess what, once their blog gets hit or a blog they care about gets hit. They won’t be happy.

Off track here… Since purged adult Content did things get better?

No. Porn bots have been hit but you can still view their page. If anything, Porn bots have got worst after the purge. So, adult content is bad but porn bots, problematic blogs, and neo nazi blogs are still free and around on tumblr.

Thank Tumblr, you FUCKED UP.

Here all the porn bots following me on Tumblr (I’m done with it)

But I will say this. I will no longer be using Tumblr, as I don’t want to wake up one day and find my stuff block or shadow banned. I already don’t come up in tumblr search and blogs and artists I support have been hit and left.

I said this before but Tumblr has become a new Facebook but much worst. Because I had plans on using my Tumblr as a hud to showcase things that may be nsfw but now I can’t but I will say this. Thank you to everyone who followed me on Tumblr.

That being said, I have link where you can reach me at or such. https://onychaos.carrd.co/

Thanks for joining me and farewell Tumblr users. :3

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