Pangya Debug and why I’m done with it

So, I made a post about Pangya Debug, not too long ago. Stating that it’s not fun and I no longer enjoy it. Well. That is true but I should have explain a bit better and had more detailed reasons. And this post is going to do that. :3


Ok so. Why? No one is asking this. But the answer would be this.

I have said that if my enjoyment with the game in general has to come down to the game not disconnectng mid-game or crashing. THAT IS NOT FUN.. I Don’t want to get in to a game and have it disconnect, and wasting my time for nothing.

My friend asked me why I left Pangya Debug and asked something to the effect if I would comeback if Pangya Debug got better. I gave a half assed answer but I was ignored or didn’t hear me.

To answer this. I feel that Pangya Debug disconnecting, desyncing, and/or crashing will never get better, if anything, it might be worst but I have no plans to join the future of this game. My time playing Pangya Debug has been a awful ride with a few memories that were good.

So, by proxy, I have no plans to return to the Pangya guild, and Pangya server for the foreseeable future. Funny. I had plans to join this “Tournament”, Get mocked for the bad skills, come nowhere close to “winning” anything, and quit. But things have changed

But their pangya server is full of new players, So I can be replaced with someone who is good at the game. There really is no need for me to be there when you have users who have the potential to be great players.

And I feel that once Pangya Debug support for the private servers does end. Another private server will just popup, much like a weed in a yard. It may end up having the same issues the last server before it had.

And look, if you enjoy playing Pangya, then that is awesome to hear. If you can keep playing after being disconnect or having the game crash? More power to you.

I should also address me leaving the guild. I was never a fan of being in a guild. cause the guild normally goes to shit or the members become assholes to each other after a certain point. And I was not liking the direction of where the guild was heading. It was becoming kinda too serious and a little toxic, for me anyway.

And If I was no longer playing Pangya, There was again no point of me being there, in a server that was made for playing Pangya.

I join guilds to play with friends and have fun.. And the guild was fun but that became a fleeting feeling. Playing the Pangya was no longer fun to me. Hanging out with friends is fun. But in order to hang out with said friends, If Pangya has to be a middle man in order to talk with friends in a call. Not worth it, If I have to play a game I do not like.

To wrap this up. 1. I have no plans in the foreseeable future to play Pangya. That has been ruined. 2. I have no plans to return to the guild or server. And they have more than enough users to have Pangya games with. They will play Pangya with or without me. And that’s fine.

  1. If some reason Pangya Debug on private servers fix the issues. Good. I will be happy but I dobut that will happen.

But here is a bit more detailed reasons why I won’t play and why I left the server and guild. :P

See you later. c: And see you later… Pangya Celebrity. I had fond memories before things turned for the worst. :V

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