Done with pangya debug

So. I thought I would be done talking about pangya but nope. Seems it’s time to talk about how I feel towards Pangya Debug. If Pangya Debug was my first Pangya game.. I would have enjoy it a bit longer but that’s not the case.

As you know, Pangya Debug is a private server where you golf with friends. And have fun games together…

But after coming from Pangya Global and Pangya Celebrity to Pangya Debug. Sigh, It was a fun ride but it’s no longer fun to me.. And the fact the game may or may not crash or disconnect is NOT fun. And I don’t like me having fun is up to chance if the game works or crashes or not.

It ruins my mood and it’s a number of things why I am done with Pangya..If the last Pangya game I had is anything to go by. That was the most uncomfortable I have been playing Pangya but at the same time, this was my wake up call to stop playing.

I am done with Pangya in general. To think that Pangya Debug would be the game to make me stop. The only reason I play games I don’t like is to play with friends, but if even the game you play stop being fun with friends. Maybe it’s just time to move on.

Pangya was fun. I had good times. I will always have best memories of Pangya Celebrity’s private server but I should list some things to why I feel this way.

My reasons

  1. Pangya is not fun to me anymore or fun playing with friends
  2. Pangya Debug breaking or disconnecting

  3. Having to remake a character each time a server dies

  4. I can’t anymore or can’t be bother.

  5. Wasn’t a fan of Pangya to start with.

And I know how this goes. A private server ends support and another server pops up. Maybe it won’t happen but I can’t. I’m done. I know my friend is planning on holding some type of Pangya tournament which may or may not happen.

But as they say in the show biz. “The show will go on. with or without you“. And they have more than enough users to play Pangya with, so, me not playing won’t hurt anything or have me worried. They seem to be fine anyway or would let me know.

There are other reasons but I will keep those to myself, but for the sake of friendship. Just me venting and quitting Pangya debug. Thanks for reading. It was a waste.. A waste of my time. Sigh. Oh well.

You can play or get Pangya Debug here

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