Game engine update

So, as you know. I am working on a new game. And this game went from being small to my passion project. I want to try to make some Sonic fan games that are ok. I am still learning but I have the gist on how to make a fan game.

These last few days, I been saying I was looking at guides on how to make a Sonic game . I am learning and getting some ideas. I found the Sonic Worlds guide for 0.5.

And while It may not be useful to my engine. I learned about using Single objects to hold values for a character or Id for a player

This is something I can use for future games to speed up the progress of making games. :3


This will make some thing I do the long way quicker. And this is rad. I am learning to set these values to the right variables, and It’s fun. I can give everyone the same Values and If their ID matches, then they get the the controls that are meant for them.


So. Because of these new way of coding. The Alpha debug build has been delayed to rework on the game’s engine and apply what I learned to the engine and make something even better (I aim to, I hope).

I will have to say that in a month, I should have everything working in the new engine, assuming if things goes as planned

So here is the breakdown.

A month to get everything ported into my new engine and working well

Another month to Add some new things to said engine

A few days to 2 weeks to make sure things are stable

If all of this goes without a road bump… I can say a Alpha demo can be out somewhere between December 2018 or Somewhere in the start of 2019

I hope you understand and thanks for reading. :3

Keep up with the project:


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