Sonic Speed R Transformed

So, I have been told that Sonic Speed R is making it’s rounds this October.  Normally, I am against the Sonic Speed R, but it seems the one time, they are not trying to show off. They have a prize that is a $20 Steam card that you can “win”


By “win” There is a catch here. You need to join the races or most of them to enter a prize pool to have a “chance” at winning. I will “attempt” to try to beat most games, If I have the time to join them. I will join games that are in my skill range.

You can read the rules here.

When the Sonic Speed R starts, and what games will be played can be seen here.

As, for me, I will be joining the races to race HyperSonic7701 for fun. Shoot the shit, and racing games, I may have. It will a overall, good time. And if you wanna join or watch. The date is October 13th to the 19th.


My Stream page:

This should be fun, but something is saying “No”


Game progress update

Since I could no longer make rom hacks, I have been working on a fan game, and the engine. It is far from done but want to show off some things. It is just gifs that is showing off progress. :P

Things added:

  1. Timer
  2. Score counter
  3. Ring counter
  4. Super state (Not completely done yet)
  5. I frames
  6. lives
  7. Double jump
  8. Objects that restore 1 jump in the air to jump again.