Update log #6

It’s time for a new update of sorts. A lot has happened, good and bad. But I will just make an update on stuff. c:


Chaos Race Nights

So let’s start with the first one. “Chaos Race Nights”. This was an idea to get people do race nights or races.

It was during the time when the group and I, mainly me, was still in to speedrunning and wanted to make a event. But because people have lives and life can be crazy or wild. This idea was put on hold.

I think it is best to say that “Chaos Race Nights”, is on hiatus / canceled. In the future, I /may/ try to attempt to get Chaos Race Nights off the ground. But for now, it’s dead.

SRL races

And while on the topic, racing on SRL. Not too long ago, I hit my goal of 150 races. Something I figured would never happened. I’m sitting at 181 races, at the moment.


My need to race games is slowly fading out.  Once I hit the end goal of 200 races. That will be it. For me, anyway. If you plan on racing me, let me know, But other then that, I’m done with races. Racing is on hiatus. This may be short or permanent.


Ok. So. Let’s talk about Ils or Individual Levels. This is something I was doing for CyberScore for 7 years, and still doing.

I gave Ring attacks a second go in SADX but quickly gave up on that, as it is not my thing. Having to be careful and while trying to find all the rings fast cause, if you don’t, people will complain about the proof being long to watch.


Why am I bring this up? 7 years on CyberScore. I think it is time for me to stop and let this dream of posting 10k proofs die off. I been doing ILS for so long. On and off, mind you. I even made a CyberScore goal list that I wanted to get done. But let’s be real, I know I don’t have the drive to be able to get far on the CyberScore.

ILs are fun but I am getting to a point where I just don’t care to upload to CyberScore. If I do Ils, they will just be a way I can race and see who can get a better time. Trying to get a better time or such against Hyper is pretty fun



As you know, I have quit streaming to make youtube let’s plays as I find that more fun. I did do a Gunstar Heroes race on Twitch but that doesn’t count as I can’t be bother to record a video for SRL who may or may not look at the video or vod

Getting off track. Point is that, I may come back to stream once every few months. Again, racing does not count but it counts as a stream. This is just a idea and it may NOT happen, so I wouldn’t hold my breath.

While talking about Twitch, I may delete the “Chaos realm” Stream team thing. But If people like it, I will keep it around. Not sure.


Server has been pretty dead but that is ok. I will be updating the channels and removing some very soon

The server is still private meaning, you can leave at anytime but you will never be able to return but in the near future I “may” make it open but don’t count on it. But anywho. Server will be getting some changes ASAP

In the future, roles will be used in Wix forums for bonus stuff or rewards. Leaving the server will forfeit your roles.


I been retweeting less lewds, Most of the things I retweet are NSFW but that is starting to calm down. Most of the hardcore lewds or very NSFW stuff I start to favorite it now.


So now, there will be no more lewd retweets from me. A few here or there. Stay out of my likes, they are my vault of lewds you never want to see. C:

I also been tweeting more instead of retweeting, which is very good.


Back to making let’s plays for my channel. Infact, two are in the works at this moment.

  1. Sonic Mania Plus: 3 / 5 – 60 % done
  2. Sonic Spinball 0 / 2

I have another game in mind as well. :3

Quite happy, making LP or let’s plays again. Brings me great joy again

Clickteam fusion 2.5 programming

I been playing around with Fusion, and I would say I am a novice in Fusion as I can make a program now

  1. I can make a simple program
  2. I can make custom files to be used by my programs / games
  3. I know how to make a simple web browser
  4. Learning to make games

And I am still learning more.  And I have no plans on stopping at this point


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