What I done in 2 months


A list of things I have done or did in each month, and the like.

Learned how to add death screens / respawn player in clickteam PMO

Beaten Carol and Milla in Hard mode in Freedom Planet with no game over

Join this silly Sonic 4 all emeralds race – Done but forgot to highlight it

Learned Animations in Clickteam


Learning more about how Clickteam 2.5 works

Made some Apps in Clickteam 2.5

Saime has not shared my post +5 good – I am proud

Join two Sonic 3 races

Joined a Columns race

Did Sonic Mania ILS

Joined the Speedrun Saturday race for fun.

Did a 06 IL of wave ocean

FocusSight was no longer lost, and found me via MastaKirby.

JUNE 2018

Watched E3 (Pretty good)

Ran Shadow the hedgehog


Learned how to download files in clickteam

Learned more about clickteam

May Close down my WordPress account / blog (Unless something changes)

Have Fallout Shelter on the Switch

Started watching more streams (For How long? Not very long)

Saw daisy got in Smash 5 / Ultimate


Watched and completed Aggretsuko <3

Came to terms with some things

Had a fun call with friends

Games I will be playing soon

  • Onigirl (Till I get to level 50 or max or bored with the game)
  • KnightClub (I will ask link if he wants to play it.)
  • Runescape (???)

Getting pretty far in fallout shelter

Started using Tweetdeck and my Twitter life was made better. :3

Saw Masta play a broken version of Sonic Adventure.

Ran Shadow the hedgehog again and got a 25:12 and had fun.

  1. EDGE: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/273759095

Made a new Twitter Friend named Pippi c:

Baited Hyper in to doing 3 CD 11 races

PC seems to be messing up here or there

Also, almost at 150 races on SRL – 148 races on 6/16/2018

Seen some strange people

Played Fortnight on Switch

Have Level 45 Pokemon in Pokemon Quest

Hyped for new games coming out.

Did a Amy Ring attack in SADX

  1. * https://www.twitch.tv/videos/271837098

Joined the Speedrun Saturday for this week 6/16/18

Won a match in Fortnight (50 vs 50)

Making a SADX tool for Final egg Sonic (May or may not be completed)

Had a little storm last night 6/16/18

Won 3 more team games of Fortnite

Had my runs for Dungeon Souls rejected after a few months, thanks to some random mod. >.> (If this was a problem before, that would have been fine to remove it then and there before…)


Did a Amy Run for Saime, and got a 16:33

Amy Rose was here: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/275497456

Played Persona 5 on Stream, and I had a good time.

Got a hair cut

Made some roast

Had some weird dream.

Updated my Twitch channel chat (Need to be a follower for a week. May change this to a day or turn it off.)


Started playing Fallout New Vegas


Watched Dragon Maid with Deadkev up to part 3 but stopped. May have to watch it on my own

Had these weird breakup dreams about her leaving… I know it is a nightmare but… It does worry me…

Gave Yu-gi-oh Duel Links a last try and end up enjoying it

Heroes of the storm since I have no one to play it with anymore


Gave online Yu-gi-oh Duel Links pvp a go and lost

I have zero interest on making anymore new friends, for now

I learned I will talk to someone, if THERE is something to talk about for me. (I rarely start a conversation, I just reply in some cases)

I learned about myself that I mostly talk to some people through memes (2 tweets or less is the normal)

I STILL hate sharing my problems with friends, I don’t share my problems with my girlfriend (I mean, who really cares right? It will make me feel worst… My problems are my burden that I must carry. I made them and I must deal with them… I want to break this habit…)

May and June have been awful, (I got nothing done that I wanted to get done)

Learning to be a better friend


FireFox got a update, and Tumblr is more stable for me.

I guess, I should open up to people with my problems, starting with my gf (starting now)


End log. 6/28/18