Sonic Mania Plus Review

So, it’s time. I have been meaning to make a review on this DLC. In fact, it was not gonna happen but thanks to my kind Best friend, SBCz who got me the DLC on steam. I was able to play it and give my thoughts on it sooner than later.

However, Stardew Valley and Clicker Heroes 2 have been taking up my time. But that aside, I have played the Sonic Mania DLC and beaten it. I am ready to give my opinion on it.

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The DLC “Encore mode” takes place after forces (Assuming), Sonic returns as the Phantom ruby flies off, and Sonic gives chase to find Ray, and Mighty trapped in a capsule. Only to find out later, that Heavy Magician is back in action, and King Heavy use the ruby to send the player back in time, undoing the damage on the hard boiled heavies.

That’s it, really.

So, in encore mode. The game adds “new” level layout to encore mode to give the user some new to playthrough, as well as a new time of day for each zone. Special Stages rings have been hidden in new areas.

I really do feel that encore mode tries to encourage players to explore the level, high and low to find these Special stage rings. The Special stages are brand new and offer a challenge for the player

Encore gets rid of lives, rather, you can have Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Ray, and Mighty as make-shift lives, which can be found in Special Character icon monitors or the pinball bonus stage (50 rings at a checkpoint)

Encore mode character box

You can switch between the characters by hitting a Switch box (Seen above). Or if you wish to use the A.I controlled character, you can press the action button. The idea is neat, but other than, a new mode, new special stages, and minor changes to suit Mighty and ray’s moves.

DLC doesn’t have a whole lot to offer current players. New players of Sonic Mania will get something out of it. If you been playing Mania since it first came out, you will spot the minor edits to the zones.

Bosses are left unchanged and are still the same. Which I felt the mode could have needed the change to keep players on their toes. It would have been nice, at least…

Only two bosses got a change, one was a major change, while the other was very minor. These changes were from the new Sonic Mania patch, which is free.

The “true” ending, while is neat to watch and good to unlock, it was very underwhelming to me. Go through a minor edit version of each zone, get the emeralds, for an ending that could have been bit better. Won’t ruin it for others.

I want to talk about the level layout and time of day for the stages. I just want to nitpick here…

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Green Hill at sunset looks nice, and it does make green hill fun to go through for the 100th time

Sonic Mania – Encore Green Hill

Then you look at a well made rom hack that started it all. Megamix 3.0

Image result for sunset hill megamix
Sonic Megamix 3.0 – rom hack

Encore green hill is just sunset hill. And most of the zone changes are minor. Some zones do have new shortcuts added just for encore mode.

My final thoughts

For the new Sonic fan who is new to Sonic Mania, and wants more from the game. Sonic Mania will have what you in Sonic Mania Plus.

If you been playing Sonic Mania since it came out, it might be for you. But don’t expect much. It’s 5 dollars, after all. Assuming, you own Sonic Mania, of course. The DLC was pretty fun, but after 2 playthroughs, the magic wore off of me.

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I tend to beat games pretty fast, so, this could be the reason why encore mode feels like it could have done so much more, but didn’t. The DLC, for the most part, is great. That part is new special stages and Mighty, and Ray as new characters.

The level layout for the encore, in my opinion, is disappointing. I understand that it’s meant to be for Ray and mighty to use their moves to get to new areas, but after Green Hill…Sunset hill. Mighty and Ray fall into the same trap as Knuckles and Tails, that they feel like Sonic but have a different move.

The level layouts, later on, feel unchanged. it’s like I’m playing without the DLC. I know some levels do have areas where Mighty and Ray can use their moves, but I rarely saw them.

One level felt like it was new. That was the encore Mirage Saloon. This stage was fun. to play as any character. They all had a use here in act 1. Act 2 is the same as others.

Encore mode did offer a good time, and I had fun exploring stages for special stage rings. Again, $5 for DLC. I was hoping for too much. I wanted this DLC to be something else. One can wish.

The DLC adds the following:

  1. Mighty and Ray as new characters
  2. Encore mode
  3. Harder Special Stages in encore
  4. New ending in encore
  5. “New” Level layout in Encore mode
  6. Maybe something I missed?

Do you want to buy Sonic Mania Plus?

Again, if you own Sonic Mania already, the DLC is 5 dollars.

Link to Sonic Mania Plus on steam

Thanks for reading. :3

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Update with my livestreams

So, it’s that time again where I feel different to streaming. And I know I have made a post like this but I know how I really feel towards streaming as a whole. So, let me start off.


I think it begins, just with me feeling burned out from doing livestreams in general, and doing too many games, to a point where I don’t know what to stream or not stream at all. This is daily feeling. I have myself to blame for.

And another reason is that, I have no one to entertain anymore, and that was my real reason to stream in the first place.

Coming from YouTube to Twitch to “Entertain” live chat was fun. Twitch, at one point used to be booming with viewers who would come watch you play whatever.

But the times are changing or have changed, small channels like me, have a chance of growing a active fanbase or turn to a dying channel. My Twitch channel is pretty dead.

I want to be clear. I am not saying this to blame anyone or guilt trip anyone, my channel was dead from the get go. it’s not a matter of if but when my channel dies. And the time is now or last 2 years. Unless I stream the new hot game or the top game on twitch.

And the other reason is, I’m not happy with streaming anymore. Besides being burned out.

I have not been enjoying streaming and worrying if my net is gonna crap out, and kill my mood. I used to stream everything, now I have nothing I want to stream. Hell, I don’t even want to stream anymore.


I could upload videos to Twitch, but I will pass. Not fond on how the video feature works around here.

I will go back to making Let’s plays and videos on youtube, as I have enjoy that way more. Streaming is fine, and if you know what you are doing and have the internet for it, you can make it on Twitch or any streaming site

And for my Twitch channel, what does this mean? Well. In simple terms. It is now in limbo now. Doing streams on my channel, will be the last thing on my mind and might not happen.

But I will pop by in streams to support my friends when I can, by watching, chatting or giving bits.

This also means I don’t have to worry about not streaming on time or being late to stream.

I can just do things at my own pace, if you will. No more worrying about that or being stressed out by that.


Now I hear you. Just take a break and then, come back to stream when you are ready. That’s a good idea but..

That never works, as I seem to fall back into the same loop. I am taking a Hiatus. Though, that may as well be a infinite one.

Another reason, is me. I am a bad streamer. I don’t have any kind of streaming personality that others have.

Rather that is good or bad is up to you. My voice is deep, and my accent is heavy. I trip over my words a lot.

I want to be a entertainer, but I can dream, eh? I can’t force others to watch me, cause I don’t want that. I want people to watch me cause they want to. But I hit my peak on Twitch, my prime has long since pass, and diminishing returns seems to be a thing.

Another reason is, I want to stream all these games but I bit off more then I can chew while racing with friends.

It’s fun but I don’t get things done but trying to do 2 big games can take a toll on you after a while. That’s my bad. But I do that sometimes

I guess what I am saying is that, this gives me time to get back to learn coding, and do other things :3

I did want to beat P5 and BOTW master mode on switch, but if I am not enjoying streaming, then, what is the point?


To add a spin on Reggie’s quote. “Streaming is fun. Streaming is a battle. If it is not fun, why bother?”

kept this to myself and wanted to make sure if this was a fleeting feeling that would pass or not. But it did not pass..

If I do stream, it will be a blue moon. Again, streaming will be the last thing on my mind.

Update: I have quit streaming*

With that said, games on hiatus as well: Persona 5, BOTW (May be subject to be cancelled)


Who knows what the future holds but I know my fate with streaming.

CyberScore review

So. Had a writer block for months. Not fun but it’s gone. I know where I want to blog on. But, with that out of the way.

So, Cyberscore. it’s your run of the mill competitive site where players from all over the world can try to be the best and have a fun time. Granted, there are others sites that do the same thing. If the game is on the site, then you can try to be the best.

The best thing I like about CyberScore is how friendly and welcoming the community is. Everyone I met is friendly. Even when being competitive, you can see everyone trying their best to do well. This site encourages the user to do well, even if they can’t. And that’s ok. You can always try again later and you might meet some awesome users.

The staff I have met have been pretty cool, and quick to answer most questions I had about the site. That’s amazing for this site. they even have a forum, Discord server, and a Community Twitter that posts updates to the site or add members to their Cyberscore member list, which I am not apart of. Eh. :P Maybe I am not safe on Twitter.


I should note that CyberScore boards for games records, requires you to have a hard copy of a game. Emulation is not supported nor will be supported (As far as I know) so, make sure you have that hard copy of Sonic 3

CyberScore does not have boards for fan game records. CyberScore Aims to have boards for official games released on Consoles (Steam, xbox360, ps3, etc) However, if a fan game ends up on Console, it will be added to the boards. (Assuming games have ways to track records) Sonic Mania but that will be for another time.

Overall, Cyberscore is just another drop in the online sea of competitive sites. But with the community being welcoming and cool. Staff is awesome and respectful of your space. Cyberscore stands out from the rest, and that’s neat.

CyberScore is a nice site that I think anyone can join and have a good time, and post your best times. It’s easy to pick and fun to master. Join the cyber world of the score.

I don’t know how long I plan to be at CyberScore as a user or doing time attacks or score attacks, but should I ever leave the site in the future, it has been a fun ride, but I don’t see myself leaving for a long timeImage result for anime

Links to their stuff


CyberScore Forums:

CyberScore Discord:

CyberScore Community Twitter:

Donate to Cyberscore:

Off topic here – I found CyberScore thanks to HyperSonic7701. When I first found the site. I had the idea of making an account to be his rival, posting some proofs, and the site would die off or close down or I would leave the site. But this was not the case.Image result for anime

What I done in 2 months


A list of things I have done or did in each month, and the like.

Learned how to add death screens / respawn player in clickteam PMO

Beaten Carol and Milla in Hard mode in Freedom Planet with no game over

Join this silly Sonic 4 all emeralds race – Done but forgot to highlight it

Learned Animations in Clickteam


Learning more about how Clickteam 2.5 works

Made some Apps in Clickteam 2.5

Saime has not shared my post +5 good – I am proud

Join two Sonic 3 races

Joined a Columns race

Did Sonic Mania ILS

Joined the Speedrun Saturday race for fun.

Did a 06 IL of wave ocean

FocusSight was no longer lost, and found me via MastaKirby.

JUNE 2018

Watched E3 (Pretty good)

Ran Shadow the hedgehog


Learned how to download files in clickteam

Learned more about clickteam

May Close down my WordPress account / blog (Unless something changes)

Have Fallout Shelter on the Switch

Started watching more streams (For How long? Not very long)

Saw daisy got in Smash 5 / Ultimate


Watched and completed Aggretsuko <3

Came to terms with some things

Had a fun call with friends

Games I will be playing soon

  • Onigirl (Till I get to level 50 or max or bored with the game)
  • KnightClub (I will ask link if he wants to play it.)
  • Runescape (???)

Getting pretty far in fallout shelter

Started using Tweetdeck and my Twitter life was made better. :3

Saw Masta play a broken version of Sonic Adventure.

Ran Shadow the hedgehog again and got a 25:12 and had fun.

  1. EDGE:

Made a new Twitter Friend named Pippi c:

Baited Hyper in to doing 3 CD 11 races

PC seems to be messing up here or there

Also, almost at 150 races on SRL – 148 races on 6/16/2018

Seen some strange people

Played Fortnight on Switch

Have Level 45 Pokemon in Pokemon Quest

Hyped for new games coming out.

Did a Amy Ring attack in SADX

  1. *

Joined the Speedrun Saturday for this week 6/16/18

Won a match in Fortnight (50 vs 50)

Making a SADX tool for Final egg Sonic (May or may not be completed)

Had a little storm last night 6/16/18

Won 3 more team games of Fortnite

Had my runs for Dungeon Souls rejected after a few months, thanks to some random mod. >.> (If this was a problem before, that would have been fine to remove it then and there before…)


Did a Amy Run for Saime, and got a 16:33

Amy Rose was here:

Played Persona 5 on Stream, and I had a good time.

Got a hair cut

Made some roast

Had some weird dream.

Updated my Twitch channel chat (Need to be a follower for a week. May change this to a day or turn it off.)


Started playing Fallout New Vegas


Watched Dragon Maid with Deadkev up to part 3 but stopped. May have to watch it on my own

Had these weird breakup dreams about her leaving… I know it is a nightmare but… It does worry me…

Gave Yu-gi-oh Duel Links a last try and end up enjoying it

Heroes of the storm since I have no one to play it with anymore


Gave online Yu-gi-oh Duel Links pvp a go and lost

I have zero interest on making anymore new friends, for now

I learned I will talk to someone, if THERE is something to talk about for me. (I rarely start a conversation, I just reply in some cases)

I learned about myself that I mostly talk to some people through memes (2 tweets or less is the normal)

I STILL hate sharing my problems with friends, I don’t share my problems with my girlfriend (I mean, who really cares right? It will make me feel worst… My problems are my burden that I must carry. I made them and I must deal with them… I want to break this habit…)

May and June have been awful, (I got nothing done that I wanted to get done)

Learning to be a better friend


FireFox got a update, and Tumblr is more stable for me.

I guess, I should open up to people with my problems, starting with my gf (starting now)


End log. 6/28/18