Final Pangya Celebrity post

So, it has been a long while since I played Pangya Celebrity, I wonder if the game has got any new updates or a new thing coming.


Oh… “Nothing has changed” Well, I’m sure after logging in. maybe there is a new update. I mean, I have not played in a bit. but I want to see what is up.


Oh… It’s like that. Sigh. It was bound to happen, I guess. Granted, I stopped playing Pangya Celebrity as I got over it. I didn’t like how the game was being managed by people who had bad ideas.

Pangya Celebrity WAS an active game that was hosted on a private server and it was pretty fun. The server was stable for the most part and you could play anime golf with friends and it was a good time. This server was hosted by GM_Leia and GM_Don

It’s a shame. Even with GM_Leia and GM_Don’s Questionable changes to the game. The game was fun nevertheless, and it was a great time, for the most part.

But now that Pangya Celebrity support has ended. Pretty much, the game is dead. and I have something to say about that. Since it is dead, they are saying “The game is dead but we hope that you will support our next big project” It really does bug me.

1 The fact that they had a big viewer base to get partnered on twitch, and to throw that away. Their whole channel was their job or rather, it was GM_Leia’s job was kinda stupid but whatever. As I am making this post, I have no idea if they are still streaming to Twitch or if the channel is defunct at this point.

2 it feels like you got enough money and said “fuck it” I do not know if this is the case (It’s not) Like to go out of your way to get partnered to get subs and bits, and adding a donate button to your twitch page and coins you can buy with real cash. It’s all optional but it helped to pay for the server cost but something about it rubbed me the wrong way.

The fact that this was a private server that was “making money” off of their fans that willingly spent money on an unofficial server is a gray area..It’s fine as long as the money is being used to pay for the server but it’s still a gray area thing.

Overall, I Wish GM_Don and GM_Leia good luck on future projects, until one of them screws up big, which is, not that hard. I can say that they left a poor impression on me. More so GM_Leia, But I will leave it at that.

This is why I am not a big fan of unofficial private servers, cause they can end support for the game or fuck up shit or get greedy.. >_> I have no need to play Pangya on a private server, anymore. Not worth it.

But that’s all I wanted to say on Pangya Celebrity.


If you want to play the now-defunct Pangya Celebrity on the Private Server or see their site, I will link it below.

Pangya Celebrity Wix site:

Pangya Celebrity Twitch:

Pangya Celebrity facebook: